DIY Hanging Plant Holders from found items

Check out this idea for making Plant Holders from items found at the thrift store, flea market or in your garage.

How to make Plant Holders from found items.

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A few days ago I showed the peg rack I made and hung to hold plants in my living room.  Today I have the tutorial for making the Plant Holders from items I found in my garage.  

How to Make Plant Holders from Found Items

Hanging Plant Holders made from found items like a metal funnel.

Early this year, I was rearranging things in my workshop (aka garage) and came across an old metal funnel.  As I picked it up and stared at it's rustic goodness, I just had to put all of that charm on display by making a project with it.  As I brainstormed ideas, the thought came to me to make a hanging plant holder.  I originally thought to make it for spring plants outside, but then decided to use it inside with a house plant.  

Supplies Needed to make a Hanging plant holder

metal funnel with hole punched on side to hang

The plant chain I purchased had 3 arms on it.  So on the funnel, I marked where I wanted the chains to go.  I then placed the funnel on a piece of scrap wood on the floor of my garage.  I held a large nail on one of the marks and hit it with the hammer until the nail poked through.  I wiggled the nail around a bit to enlarge the hole.  Repeat with the other 2 marks.

How to make a plant hanger with a plant chain.

In order to get the hook for the plant chain into the hole that I made in the funnel, I had to use needle nose pliers to straighten it out.  

Plant Hanger from vintage funnel.

Once I placed the hook into the hole on the funnel, I curved the hook back into place.  Then I repeated with the other holes.

Plant Hanger from vintage funnel.

To keep the funnel from scratching my wall, I placed a small felt bumper on the bottom.  It does double duty by holding the funnel in place a little.

Plant Hanger from vintage funnel.

I thought the funnel hung best with only 2 of the plant chains, so I took the 3rd one out.  No big deal -I'll use it for something else.  

how to make a hole in a metal can with a nail.

I repeated the process with the decoupaged can.  I used a large nail and a hammer on a scrap piece of wood to make a hole in the side of a metal can.  

Using a can as a plant holder is such a great way to repurpose something that would have gone in the trash.  The can can be spray painted and then patterned paper applied with mod podge.  

Dog helping with DIY project

My dog gave this project her sniff and kiss of approval.  She's such a good helper!

How to make a hanging plant holder from a metal can.

I opened the end of the hook with needle nose pliers, placed the hook through the hole on the can, then closed the hook again.

How to make a hanging plant holder from a metal can.

And wallah!  I placed a maiden hair fern into the can and it made the perfect hanging plant holder from a simple can.

How to make a hanging plant holder from a metal piece.

I also made a plant hanger from this piece of metal.  I think it is originally from an old light fixture, but has been repurposed into a plant hanger.   

How to make a hanging plant holder from a metal piece.

The bottom of this metal piece (and the funnel) had a hole in it so I decided to just plop the plastic plant pot right inside instead of potting the plant in the holder.  Hopefully all of that made sense because it certainly was a tongue twister.  

Hanging plant holder made from a funnel.

When I placed an ivy plant into the metal funnel plant holder, it kind of tipped a bit so I propped it up with a grocery sack.  

Hanging plant holder made from a funnel.

The grocery sack supported the plant just enough to make it sit nicely.  I hung the chain over 2 of the pegs on the peg rack to make it hang nicely.

Hanging Plant Holders repurposed from found items.

All 3 of the hangers look great hanging from the Peg Rack I hung in my living room!  Repurposing these metal items into Hanging Plant Holders was a great way to reuse and bring new life to old stuff!