Peg Rack Hanging Plant Holder

If you're looking for a way to hang house plants in your home, I have an idea for making a Hanging Plant Holder Peg Rack.

How to Hang plants in Living Room - peg rack hanging plant holder.

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I have totally been bitten by the house plant bug and I've been adding to my plant family little by little.  I love the fresh greenery and life they add to my home décor.  I'll admit it, I'm a crazy plant lady and love it.  

It's so much fun to bring a new plant into the family and I even propagated my Pothos.  I have plants spread through out my house in planters, on risers, in thrift store containers and displayed on shelves.  
Well - the time came to find a new way to display my plants and that is by hanging them!

Hanging Plant Holder Peg Rack

How to make a Hanging Plant Holder Peg Rack

After making a Peg Rack in my kitchen, I had some leftover supplies in my garage.  So for no cost, I was able to whip another peg rack using the same instructions. Once the rack was hung on a blank wall in my living room (using dry wall anchors), it was the perfect place to hang plants!

Hanging Plant Holders

I made the plant holders from a vintage metal cup from the flea market, a funnel, and a mod podged can.  

Plant hanger made from vintage metal cup.

This plant is Pothos.  This is such an easy to grow and care for plant!  It is a great starter plant!

Plant Holder made from vintage metal funnel.

This is an English Ivy plant.  I keep it in it's original plastic container and just set it inside the funnel.

Plant holder made from mod podged can.

This plant is a Maidenhair Fern.  It's my newest plant addition.  I can't wait to see it grow!

Use rubber o rings to keep hanging plant holders on peg rack.

The hooks on the plant hanging chains are exactly the same size as the pegs so they fit perfectly.  To keep the chain from sliding off, I used rubber O rings on the ends.  All of the holders for the plants were surprisingly easy to make with things I had in my garage.  I will do a full tutorial for making them soon.  

how to hang plants with a peg rack.

The peg rack is tucked in the corner of our living room and is the perfect touch to add greenery to this corner.  And it leaves the flat surfaces in my living room open to display other items!  More is more in décor is my motto!  

Hanging peg rack for plants in farmhouse living room

Making a Peg Rack Hanging Plant Holder is super easy and makes a fun addition to your home for houseplants!