Farmhouse Soap and Lotion Dispensers

If you've been searching for the perfect soap dispenser for your bathroom or kitchen sink, I have the best and most inexpensive idea for the PERFECT Farmhouse Soap and Lotion Dispensers.

Idea for DIY Farmhouse Soap and Lotion Dispensers, pinterest pin.

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I have been searching a while for the perfect soap dispensers.  I looked at the big box stores and Amazon, but I couldn't find one that had the aesthetic I was going for.  That may seem so trivial, and frankly it is.  But sometimes I get a thought it my brain and it won't go away until I do something about it.  

So now that we've covered my crazy brain, I can get back to telling you about these soap dispensers. Things I wanted in a soap dispenser
  • a white ceramic base (not clear) 
  • a black pump
  • a surface I could put vinyl words on the front
  • small enough that they would fit in the holder I have in my bathroom.  

You will never believe where I found a soap dispenser I could do all of those things with. . .

at Dollar Tree.  

Dollar Tree Soap Dispensers.

Actually what I found at the dollar store was a white dispenser with a white pump and a black dispenser with a black pump.  But I loved the design with the flat sides and framed front.

Farmhouse Soap Dispenser white base with black pump.

I'm sure you can guess what I did.  I bought 2 of each and switched the white pump for the black pump.  Simply doing that, made this the perfect dispenser.  I actually bought 2 sets of these dispensers so I could make some for my bathroom and for the kitchen.

Farmhouse Soap Dispenser vinyl words - dishes, hands.

I quickly cut out words from permanent black vinyl with my Silhouette.   I didn't even use a fancy font; I just used a black font.

Farmhouse Soap and Lotion Dispenser for bathroom.

This is how the Farmhouse Soap and Lotion Dispensers turned out.  And do you know how much they cost?  These two cost $2 each.  And I still have 2 black dispensers with white pumps that I can use.

Soap dispensers for bathroom.

This is what our soap and lotion dispensers looked like before.  I mean they aren't terrible.  But I just didn't like the clear glass and the pumps didn't work great.

Farmhouse Soap Dispensers from the dollar store.

I filled the dispensers with hand soap and lotion and placed them into the ceramic dish (similar here) I already had.  I like to use a dish to hold soap because it looks nice and it collects drips.

kitchen sink soap dispensers.

The before situation at our sink wasn't great.  It just looks like a cluttered mess.

Farmhouse hand and dish soap dispensers on small ceramic plate.

After looks so clean!  I like to keep my dispensers at the kitchen sink on a rectangle plate (similar here) that also holds a bamboo cleaning brush in a small condiment dish.

Kitchen Sink Hand and Dish Soap Dispensers.

This is such a simple project that cost very little!  I am so happy with how these Dollar Store Farmhouse Soap and Lotion Dispensers turned out.  

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