DIY Sunflowers for fall home decor

If you're looking for an easy project to add some charm to your fall home décor, I have the perfect project for you- DIY Fabric Sunflowers that are Rustic, Farmhouse and Primitive and SO MUCH FUN!  

DIY Sunflowers that are rustic, primitive and farmhouse. Pinterest Pin

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I firmly believe that you can CRAFT home décor that does not break the bank and does not take all of your brain power trying to figure out - even for those that say they are not creative.  I promise - these Fabric Sunflowers are super easy to make and will look so cute tucked into your Fall Decorating!   

Rustic and Primitive Sunflowers made from fabric in a jar.

How to Make DIY Fabric Sunflowers

Supplies Needed to make rustic sunflowers.

The first step to any project is always to gather materials.  I grabbed a bunch of stuff I had on hand and whipped up these sunflowers in just a few minutes!

Supplies Needed to Make Sunflowers

How to make Primitive Sunflowers

Cut out pattern from paper with scissors.  Use a piece of quilt slightly larger than the pattern.  Cut the flower and the center piece from the quilt.  Also cut a center piece from the warm and natural batting.

How to make Primitive Sunflowers

I like to use the quilt fabric because it's thick and it looks good in various shapes and sizes.    

Dip fabric into tea for tea staining.

Place 1-2 tea bags into a glass casserole dish.  Pour boiling water over the top and let the tea bags steep for a few minutes.  Dip the edges of the sunflower shape into the tea water.  Be VERY CAREFUL to not touch the water … ask me how I know that.  Maybe use tongs to hold the flower.

Tea Staining Fabric Sunflowers.

Place the tea stained fabric on a cooling rack sitting on top of a cookie sheet to catch any drips.  To make the edges a little darker, dab the wet tea bag over them.  Let the shapes air dry for several hours.  If you would like to speed up the process, place the cookie sheet into a 175 degree oven for about 30 minutes.  Check on the fabric every 10 minutes to make sure it doesn't burn.

Stitch around the edges of the tea stained fabric with embroidery floss.

Once the fabric shapes are dry, rub them between your hands a little bit to fluff out the fabric.  Then layer the shapes with the flower at the bottom, the circle of warm and natural, then the circle of the tea stained fabric on top.  You will hand stitch around the edges of the circle with embroidery floss in a straight stitch.  

Tea stained sunflowers with floss stiching.

The stitches do not have to be perfect.  In fact, with this project, the more uneven and wonky the better!

Tea Stained flowers on wooden dowels.

On the back of the flower, squeeze out a large dollop of hot glue and then place the wooden dowel into the glue.  Once the glue has dried, tie ribbon and lace around the dowel right underneath the flower.  

Bunch of tea stained sunflowers in a jar of beans.

Place a bunch of the sunflowers into a mason jar filled with dried black beans.  I love using dried beans as a vase filler.  They are inexpensive and easy to find at the store.  Dried beans also come in a variety of sizes and colors.  

Tea stained DIY Sunflowers for fall home decor.

The Rustic and Primitive DIY Sunflowers make the perfect addition to any fall vignette in your home décor.