How to make fabric Easter Bunnies

If you're looking for an easy and inexpensive Easter Decor idea, I have a tutorial for making Fabric Easter Bunnies and I have included the pattern.  

Pinterest Pin - DIY tutorial for making Easter Bunnies from fabric.

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It's officially Spring and I love this time of year!  It's so nice to see all of the blossoming trees and the grass turning green again.  

Since it is spring, it's time, past time actually, to pull out my Easter decoration boxes and get going on decorating my home.  But before I do that, I decided to whip up some fabric Easter bunnies, made from the same quilt that I made these Christmas Trees.

How to make Fabric Bunnies

I made these bunnies, not only with the same quilt as the trees, the process for making the bunnies is very similar to the process making the trees as well.

Supplies needed to make fabric Easter Bunnies.

Supplies Needed to make Fabric Easter Bunnies

Template to make bunnies for Easter Decor

Template to make stuffed bunny.

Instructions for Making Stuffed Easter Bunnies

Download the templates by right clicking on the above images, downloading them to your computer.  Then print them out, sized 8.5" x 11", or however big you'd like your bunnies to be.  Cut the template out by hand using scissors.

Sewn Bunny cut from a vintage quilt.

Cut the Bunny from Fabric.  Lay the template on top of the fabric or quilt.  You can either trace it with a disappearing ink pen or just cut around the edge with fabric scissors.  I cut one bunny out, then laid it on top of another piece of quilt and sewed around the edges, then cut it out.  It made it so much easier than trying to line up two cut pieces of fabric.  

If you don't have a sewing machine, these can be hand stitched or even hot glued.  

Quilted Bunny on a stick, home decor for Easter.

Stuff the bunny.  Use a wooden dowel to stuff the bunny's ears with pollyfill.  Then fill the rest of the bunny with pollyfill until it is as full as you'd like.  Place the dowel inside the bunny and close the opening, around the dowel, with hot glue.   You may need to cut down the dowel, depending on how high you want it to sit.  You can snip the dowel with clippers.

Fabric Bunny Easter Decor sitting with soda bottles.

Drill a hole in the dowel holder.  Whatever dowel holder you choose, either a candle stick, a cube or a wood spindle, needs to have a hole to place the dowel inside.  Find a drill bit the same size  as the dowel and drill the hole in the holder.   Put a drop of hot glue in the hole and place the dowel with the bunny atop.

Fabric Easter Bunnies sitting in a group.

How to Make the Bunny Stuffie.  The Bunny Stuffie is made the same way.  Lay the template on top of the fabric, cutting out the shape x2.  Sew around the edges, leaving the bottom open.  Stuff the bunny, using pollyfill.  Once again, use a dowel to make sure the the stuffing makes it inside the ears.  The bunny does not sit on a dowel, it has an oval that gets sewn on the bottom.  Sew or hot glue the oval to the bottom of the bunny and trim the excess fabric.

Pinterest Pin - Easter Bunny DIY home decor

These Easter Bunnies made from vintage fabric are a super cute addition to your Easter Home Decor.  

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