Fave Instagram Accounts for Inspiration

If you're on Instagram, then you know it's the perfect place to find inspiration!  Today I'm sharing My Favorite Instagram Accounts for Inspiration.  

Favorite Instagram Accounts for Inspiration - pinterest pin.

It used to be that when I wanted to be inspired, I picked up a magazine and flipped through it.  I used to tear out the pages and keep them in a binder.  haha.  Oh goodness that probably dates me.  Now, at the touch of our fingertips, we have magazine quality photos and inspiration on Instagram.  

I am a big fan!  I love being able to pop in and be inspired by all the creativity available.   Today I'm sharing some of my favorite accounts in 5 different categories.  

Vintage and Thrifty Goodness

Of course this is my first category!  I love everything vintage and thrifty!  I love using pieces that tell a story in my home.  The following accounts always give me new ideas and inspiration!

@oldtymemarketplace  Beth is the thrifting and pickin' queen and has an awesome brick and mortar store too!  She is also hilarious!  She and Amy from @myrustichouse do #thriftwithusthursday each week.  They both go thrifting and try to spend less than $20.  Beth rarely stays under budget and is famous for saying, "Get in the cart," when she finds something amazing!  

@downshilohroad  is another thrifty/vintage queen.  I love scrolling through her beautifully styled photos and finding inspiration for my home.  

@myweatheredhome  Emily is a pickin' professional!  She has such an eye for vintage finds!  And her styling skills are mwah (chef's kiss)!!  

@theoldhouseonmain   I recently found Margy's account and I am hooked!  I love her styling skills and how she makes all the spaces in her home look warm and cozy!  

@athomewithjessidee  Jessica has the best style.  I love the way she uses color and texture.  She has been a long time favorite of mine!  

Home Style

The following ladies have impeccable style!  They also share a lot of their outdoor spaces too!  

@jenniferrizzodesigncompany has a beautiful home, shares easy to follow projects and has the garden of my dreams!  

@tatertotsandjello Jen was probably one of the first bloggers I ever followed.  She has been a long time source of inspiration!  She recently redid an Airbnb and I am in awe of what she designed!  Her outdoor space is amazing too! 

@nestingwithgrace Brooke is another insanely talented woman!  She and her husband are renovating a new-to-them house and it is blowing my mind!  I can't wait to see it when it's done!

Self Help

Many years ago, after a long period of being frustrated in life, I googled "How to NOT need validation."  I wasn't getting what I needed from the people around me but I didn't want to be mad about it.  I wanted information and power to change myself.  That led me to the "Self Help" realm and what I have learned has made a very profound difference in my life.  The following accounts have helped me along the path.  

@jodymoorecoaching  Learning about Jody Moore has been life changing for me.  I stumbled onto her instagram during a low period in my life.  I signed up for her life coaching and I have learned so much about thoughts and feelings and how to manage my brain!  

@finlayson-fife   I was introduced to Dr Finlayson-Fife through a podcast she did with Jody Moore.  And now I am a huge fan!  She is so well spoken and intelligent.  I find myself listening and shaking my head in agreement to all the things she talks about.  

@nedratawwab   Nedra is a recent find and I love her bits of therapy wisdom that she posts on IG.  I love how she keeps in real and she is brilliant regarding boundaries!  I have her book sitting in my amazon cart!

@peacefulbarb  Barb has the most beautiful and insightful posts.  Each one of them makes me pause and think!  I truly feel more at peace when I read her wisdom!


I mention all of these resources in my Come Follow Me post.  They truly do help me to learn the material each week.

@bofm365 and @comefollowme365 are what I use every day in my scripture study.  Each day a post is made with a reading assignment and questions.  Then comments are made by people who read.  It is such a good way to study!  I learn so much from reading the comments, it's like a good Sunday School lesson every day.  

@comefollowmestudy  I also use this account to help me study the week's Come Follow Me lesson.  Each Monday, she makes a video with the big picture of what the week's lesson is about.  She also has a podcast @oneminutescripturestudy  with daily podcasts with thoughts from the lesson.  

@comefollowmedaily  I love this account!  Each post is has beautiful artwork accompanied by a lesson or a thought.  I love having this in my Instagram feed to help me remember the lessons each day!

Other Favorite Accounts

Beautiful Products from artza subscription box.

@artzabox  This is an account with a subscription box.  I have been the recipient of those boxes and the products are so beautiful!  I also like following the account to see photos from the area the products are from!

@taratheueson Tara is my go-to for just about everything.  She always knows about the latest gadgets, she has tons of travel tips, her beauty recommendations are the best and she is the amazon guru.  She constantly influences my purchases!  

@merricksart  Merrick has the best fashion advice for the every day mom like me!  She shows how to put together flattering outfits with pieces you have in your closet!  I love all of her ideas!

@heidiswapp Heidi has to be one of the most brilliantly creative people to ever walk to earth.  I have followed her since my scrapbooking days and have loved seeing how she has incorporated so much more into her brand.  Her son recently got married and I am in awe of the things she created for his rehearsal dinner.  (Be sure to check out her wedding highlight to see it all.  Amazing!)

@honeyholden Stephanie is my idol.  She is a preachers wife and grandmother who has amazing style #wearingwhatweloveandlovingwhatwewear, does a camp with her grandkids, and shares her love of Jesus and family.  

While I absolutely love viewing Instagram, I think it's important to remember that it is highly curated.  That means most accounts strategically post their best photos as their job.  They are not necessarily showing real life.  Their kids have meltdowns and their sinks are full of dirty dishes just like us!  

Instagram is the perfect place to get inspiration for your home, your scripture study, your self help and your every day life!