Step Stools and Risers made from Reclaimed Wood

If you have a bunch of fence boards lying around, I have just the project for you!  You can make Step Stools and Risers from Reclaimed Wood.

Vintage Reproduction Step Stools made from Reclaimed Wood Fence Boards.

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If you have a wooden fence, you know they can be a little finicky.  We have had our fence for several years and over time, we have had to replace many of the slats because they get warped or broken.  And now that we have a dog that loves trying to get through the fence to see her friends ( the neighbor dogs) we replace boards even more often.  

Wooden Fence in Middle Tennessee.

It probably doesn't help that it's super hot and humid during the summer here in Middle Tennessee.  I imagine those conditions make the boards warp even more.  

Replaced slats on Wooden Fence in Middle Tennessee.

As you can see, we have recently replaced several slats.  The old boards were broken warped and even a little moldy in some spots.  They sat near our trash can awaiting garbage pick up day.  One day as I took the trash out, I looked closely at the boards.  They had a pretty fantastic natural patina.  Sure there were spots on them that were a mess, but there were places that were fairly straight and undamaged.  

Weathered Wooden fence slats.

I cut the boards down with my miter saw.  I discarded the parts that were heavily damaged or warped and was left with many pieces of weathered wood that could be made into something amazing!  I was inspired by this post by @ittybittyvintageshop on Instagram and wanted to make some vintage reproduction wooden stools.    

Stools and Risers Made from Reclaimed Wood Fence Boards

Wooden Stools made from weathered wood fence boards

I played around with difference pieces and sizes and came up with stools/risers in various sizes.  I eyeball things and don't use patterns or measure very well, but I'll explain how I made these.  

As always, the first step is to gather supplies.

Supplies Needed to make Weathered Wood Stools

Weathered Wood Riser.

How to make an upside down U shaped stool/riser

  • Cut 2 pieces the exact same width and length.  These are for the legs and they need to be the same or else the riser will be wonky.  
  • Stand the 2 side pieces up and place a top piece on.
  • Drill pilot holes in the top where you will place the screws.
  • Apply wood glue to the wood legs where they will connect with the top.
  • Using wood screws, attach the top to the legs.  

The wood will probably be slightly imperfect and will not be perfectly level or plum.  It's ok.  That just adds to the character of the stool.  

Wooden stool or riser made from reclaimed wood.

These simple stools can be made in any size!  Like I said above, just make sure the legs are exactly the same length and width.  Once the glue is dried, sand the stools down really well.  Use a mask or respirator to protect yourself from the sawdust.  Wipe the saw dust off with a damp cloth and then give the stools a coat or two of sealer.  

Stool made from weathered fence boards.

How to Make a Stool from Reclaimed Wood

The other stools are made similar to the risers.  I cut the legs the exact same size and cut 2 pieces to brace the center of the stool. 

Weathered wood stool made from fence boards.

I glued and screwed the 2 center pieces together.  Once the glue was dry, I attached the center to the legs with wood screws.  

Weathered Wood made into a step stool.

Then I placed the top on and screwed it into the legs.  Of course I pre drilled the holes because this weathered wood is a tiny bit fragile and I didn't want it to split.  

Weathered Wood made into a step stool.

Just like the risers, I sanded the wood really well and gave all of the pieces a top coat of poly acrylic. 

weathered wood stools and risers made from fence boards.

These Weathered Wood Step Stools/Risers are the perfect addition to your farmhouse or rustic home d├ęcor.  I can see them displaying fall florals or pumpkins.  In fact, I think I'll go decorate a spot in my house today!