Halloween Felt Flags

If you're looking for a fun and festive craft for Halloween, these Halloween Felt Flags are the perfect thing to include with a gift, place in a jar in your home décor, or let your child wave when trick or treating!   

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I just love Halloween!  The black and orange combo, is so festive and fun to me!  While I was considering my home décor, I wanted some crafty flags to put in a jar.  So I grabbed some inexpensive supplies from my stash and came up with Halloween Felt Flags.

How to Make Halloween Felt Flags

Jar full of Halloween Felt Flags with ribbons and bells.

I can also picture a cute little toddler, waving these flags as they get pushed down the street in their stroller.  SO fun!  

Supplies for Halloween Felt Flags

Supplies Needed to make Halloween Felt Flags

This is one of those cheap and easy projects, that are my specialty, that the supplies are easy to find in any store for just a few pennies.  

felt sheets in orange, black and white  |   wooden dowels

How to cut felt into flag shape

Place felt sheet on cutting mat.  Line up clear ruler in bottom left corner of felt and place the other side about 3-4 inches down.  Run rotary cutter along edge of ruler, making a flag shape.  

Flag Shapes cut from felt for Halloween Flags.

Once you have the flags cut out, then it's time to decorate them.  I opted to cut out simple shapes, like ghosts and bats with a contrasting piece of felt. 

Ghost shape for Halloween Felt Flags

I drew a simple ghost shape onto a piece of paper then used that as a pattern to cut out the ghost from white felt.  You could also use Halloween cookie cutters to trace the shape.  You can also buy pre made felt shapes like leaves.

Make a dowel pocket on Halloween Felt Flag.

Fold over the straight end of the flag and stitch along the ends to make a pocket for the dowel.  

Sew around edge of Halloween flag with sewing machine.

Stitch around the edge of the flag and around the edge of the felt shapes.  Tip:  to keep machine from getting stuck around small felt pieces, go very slow.  Stitch 1-2 stiches, then leave needle down and lift presser foot and turn fabric to go around the curve.  Go very slow.  If you don't have or want to use a sewing machine, you can use a needle and thread.

Hot glue felt flag to dowel - Halloween Felt Flags

Slide the flag onto the dowel through the pocket.  Pull the flag down the dowel just a little, then place a dollop of hot glue on the end.  Then slide the flag back up, through the glue, to the end of the dowelm securing the flag at the end of the dowel.

Tie Ribbons and bells to dowel of Halloween Felt Flags.

Tie Ribbons in black and white and orange to the dowels, just underneath the flags.  Then tie small bells to the ribbons and they are ready to be waved around and/or placed into a jar.

Halloween Felt Flags

These Halloween Felt Flags are super easy to make and are so fun and festive!  

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