How to make Rustic Candy Corn Trees for Halloween

 Want to add some rustic charm to your Halloween décor?  Make these Candy Corn Trees!  

Candy Corn Tree Rustic Halloween Decoration.

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Where did the idea for these candy corn trees come from, you ask?  Well, it all started when I was browsing the fabric at Hobby Lobby and came across some super cute fabric in mustard and orange.  I loved it but wasn't sure what to do with it.  So of course I bought it. 

The fabric sat on my sewing table for a little bit and I would look at it from time to time, brainstorming ideas for it. Every Halloween, I purchase a bag of candy corn because I love how festive they look in a jar.  That's when it hit me, I could sew the fabric into candy corns.  And then put them on bases like these trees.

Rustic Candy Corn trees for Halloween.

How to Make Rustic Candy Corn Trees for Halloween

Fabric candy corn tree for Halloween.

I started by sewing strips of off-white, mustard yellow and orange fabric together.  I didn't measure but I think the strips are between 4 - 6 inches wide. I sewed in a straight stitch and made it about 45 inches wide or so.   yellow cotton fabric  |  orange cotton fabric  |  cream cotton fabric  |  quilted fabric

Once the strips were sewn together, I drew a triangle shape on the fabric with a water erasable fabric pen.  I layered the yellow, white and orange triangle on top of quilted fabric and sewed around the triangle, leaving a small opening at the bottom for filling.  This made the orange, white and yellow striped fabric on the front and the thicker quilted fabric on the back.  fabric marker  |  fiber fill

candy corn halloween tree decoration on wooden base

Once the candy corn is sewn, fill with fiber fill until you are satisfied with how fluffy it is.  Then place the candy corn tree onto a wooden dowel through the filling hole.  Close the hole around the dowel with hot glue.  wooden dowels  

For the base, you can use any leftover wood or candle stick, or you can use a wood block.  Drill a hole in the wood base the same width as the wooden dowel.  Place a drip of hot glue in the hole and then stick the dowel inside.  Hold it in place until the glue dries.      wooden blocks  |  hot glue gun

Candy Corn trees Halloween Decoration

To age the fabric, steep a tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes.  Use a small paintbrush to brush the tea onto the edges of the fabric.  Doing this will not only age the fabric, it will also wash away any of the pen marks from the fabric marker.  Two for the price of one!   paint brushes  |  tea bags

Rustic candy corn Halloween decoration on wooden base.

You can place a bigger tree onto a larger dowel or repurposed spindle.  After you have stuffed the tree and glued it to the spindle, in the same way as above, you need to attach it to a base. To do this, cut a small dowel into about a 1 inch piece or use a dowel pin.  Drill a hole in the spindle and the wood block the same size of the dowel.  Place a dollop of glue into each hole, then tap the dowel in the holes on each piece of wood.  Now the tree is attached to a base.   1 inch dowel  |  dowel pin  |  wood base

quilted fabric candy corn tree for Halloween

Another way to make a candy cane tree is to make it out quilted fabric.  Use the fabric marker to make the triangle shape like above.  Sew it double sided with quilted fabric.  Then use craft paint to paint a yellow stripe and an orange stripe.  yellow craft paint  |  orange craft paint

Then stuff the tree with polly fill and glue it onto a dowel and into a wooden base.

Candy Corn trees Halloween decorations.

Rustic Candy Corn Trees for Halloween would make such a fun and sweet addition to your Halloween Décor.