The Cheapest and Easiest Pillow Covers

You have come to the right place if you are wanting a new look for your throw pillows.  This tutorial makes The Cheapest and Easiest Throw Pillow Covers.  

The Cheapest and Easiest To Make Pillow Covers

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Guys, I have the easiest tutorial for you today.  I called it The Cheapest and Easiest Pillow Covers, but it could have been called The Cheapest Way to get New Throw Pillows or How to Make a $2 Throw Pillow Cover.  All of the titles work and are the truth.  

Now, I want to warn you that this project does require some sewing.  I am not a good seamstress - I can barely sew in a straight line.  So if I can make one of these, I promise, anyone can.  That being said, I don't know the correct terms for things so I hope you'll bare with me and get the general gist of what I'm trying to say. Oh and one more thing, if you don't own a sewing machine, these pillow covers can be sewn with hand stitching.  

Before we jump straight into the supply list and tutorial, I'm going to share my secret that makes these pillow covers so cheap.  

Buffalo check bandannas used to make pillow covers.

It's bandannas.  I got these CUTE buffalo check bandannas at my craft store for 99 cents each.  They have bandannas in every color and many different patterns.  You can even find holiday ones at many stores including Walmart.  

Supplies Needed to Make Pillow Covers

The reason I even thought of this project is that the outdoor pillows that sit on chairs on my front porch have seen better days.  They still are great structurally, so I figured covers would be the perfect solution.  

Pillow Covers

My pillows are about 16" square and the bandannas are 21" square.   The bandanna fabric is a little thin so I was worried that the pattern on the pillows would show through, but it doesn't.  

how to make throw pillow covers from bandannas.

I am big fan of eyeballing things.  I say measure, schmeasure.  I laid the bandannas right sides together on my work surface, then placed the pillow on top.  I marked with a pin, where to make the seam around the pillow on 3 sides. 

how to make throw pillow covers from bandannas.

Then I ran the bandannas through my sewing machine.  Lucky for me, this pattern of bandanna has straight lines on it, so it helped me to keep the seam straight.  I kept the 4th side open.  Cut off the excess fabric.

Ribbon tie closers on pillow covers.

On the 4th side, (that isn't sewn together) I pinned on lengths of ribbon.  I used about 11 inches of a sturdy grosgrain ribbon for each side.  

Singe ends of ribbon with lighter to keep from fraying.

Helpful tip:  Ribbon will eventually fray from use, so use a lighter to slightly singe the ends of the ribbon to melt the fibers.  This will keep them from fraying.  

How to tie a throw pillow cover.

Once the cover is sewn and the ribbons are attached, trim all the excess thread and turn it right side out..  Then you can stuff your pillow inside the cover.  

How to tie a throw pillow cover.

Tie the ribbon closed and you are done!  Now you can do the fun part, place them on your chair and admire your handy work!

How to make pillow covers from bandannas.

How to make pillow covers from bandannas.

How to make pillow covers from bandannas.

How to make pillow covers from bandannas.

How to make pillow covers from bandannas.

See, I told you these were easy to make.  I am going to be whipping some of these Easy and Cheap Pillow Covers up for all of the holidays!  

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