Double Sided Wooden Sign For Winter and Valentine's Day

If you're looking for home d├ęcor items that you can use for January and February, I've got the perfect project for you!  It's a Double Sided Wooden Sign for Winter and Valentine's Day.

2 Sided Sign for Winter and Valentines Day

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The months after Christmas are a little tricky to decorate.  My house always feels so bare when I take all of the holiday hoopla down, but I'm not ready to put up spring either.  So I decided to do something for winter/valentine's.

But like always, I didn't want to go out and buy anything, I wanted to make something.  So making is what I did.  

1 x 4 to make a Double sided sing for Winter and Valentine's Day

I found a piece of wood in my garage left over from another project.  It was a pine 1" x 4" that was about 17" long.  You could use a piece of wood of any size.

Use chalk paint to make a double sided sign

Just about any painting project I've done lately I've used chalk paint.  I especially like the Waverly brand that I get at my local craft store.  I love using chalk paint because it goes on in fewer coats than regular acrylic paint and dries super quickly.  If you can't find the brand shown, you can use this one.  

Black base coat on double sided sign.

I made this sign similar to this one.  I like to make my signs rustic, so I don't even bother sanding the wood before base coating with black chalk paint.  

Vinyl words to make a double sided wooden sign.

While waiting for the paint to dry, I designed word art in the Silhouette design studio.   I used an all caps font called Antraste to write winter/valentine's day words.  Once they were cut from removeable vinyl, I applied them to the sign.  I like to use red vinyl because it's easy to see.

Vinyl and painters tape to make a stencil for wooden sign.

Once the vinyl was applied, I used painters tape to mask off a frame all the way around the sign.  

Paint over vinyl with chalk paint to make double sided sign.

Then I applied white paint over the top of the vinyl words and the painters tape.  When the paint dried, I got to do the best part - peel the tape and the vinyl off leaving the black words and frame.  I sanded the edges of the sign a bit with my sander.

Winter Ave double sided wooden sign.

And now I have a double sided sign that says Winter Ave on one side to decorate for Winter.

Lovers Lane Double Sided wooden sign.

The other side says Lovers Lane for Valentine's Day.

Winter Ave 2 sided sign for winter home decor.

Lovers Lane 2 sided sing for Valentine's Day

That is how easy it is to make a Double Sided from for Winter and Valentine's Day.  I'll be using this sign for home decoration for the next couple of months.  It's a 2 for 1!  Woo hoo!

Double Sided Wooden Sign for Winter and Valentine's Day