Clay Letters - Valentine's Day Art

Looking for a simple project for Valentine's Day?  I have this fun idea to make Valentine's Art with Clay Letters.  

Letters made from Clay for Valentine's Day pinterest pin

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I saw a cute sign in a local store that inspired me to figure out how to make letters myself.  As I considered all of the different mediums I could use to design my own letters, I decided on air dry clay.  I don't have a ton of experience with using clay, but that's is also what drove me to use it.  

How to Make Letters from Clay

First of all, I was going for the imperfect, handmade look.  If that isn't what you like, you may want to consider using a different crafting medium other than clay.  Or maybe you know how to use clay better and can get the letters smoother.  

Supplies Needed to make Letters from clay

Supplies Needed to make Clay Letters

I am the queen of using what I have on hand instead of buying the proper tools.  I suggest using tools made specifically for the craft even though I am a slacker and used a 1" dowel for the rolling pin and a dough scraper to cut the clay.  Wax paper is perfect for protecting your work surface.

Roll clay by hand into long rolls to make clay letters

Cut off a small chunk of clay.  (Store the clay in a air tight container when not in use) Warm it up by kneading it in your hands, then roll it out by hand on top of the wax paper.

Shape clay rolls into letters on wax paper.

Shape the clay roll into letters.  You can use a template by printing out letters onto computer paper and place it underneath the wax paper.  Or you can free hand the letters.  Use the dough scraper to cut the clay rolls.

Shape clay rolls into letters on wax paper.

Let Clay Letters Dry.  Once you have shaped the clay into letters, let it sit out to dry according to the directions on the package.  I let my letters sit on the way paper overnight and they were dry in the morning.  

Use Tacky Glue to attach clay pieces together.

Glue Pieces together if necessary.   When I put the clay roll pieces together to form the letters, I didn't make sure the pieces were firmly attached.  So I used tacky glue to hold them together.  

Paint clay letters with chalk paint.

Paint Letters.  Once the clay was dry and then the glue holding the pieces together had dried, I painted the letters with black chalk paint.  


How to Use Clay Letters to Make Valentine's Art

Once the paint on the clay letters has dried, they then can be used to make the Valentine's art piece.

Thrifted frame with patterned paper to make art

I grabbed a 6 in by 12 in frame from my stash and placed a piece of buffalo plaid paper into it.  BTW - thrift stores are the BEST place to get frames for pennies!  And scrapbook paper makes a super easy back ground in the frames.

Hot glue clay letters onto the front of the frame to make Valentine's art

I attached the letters to the glass on the frame by hot gluing them.  

Clay Letters Valentine's Art

I love how the letters are dimensional off of the frame.  

Clay Letters Valentine's Art

This one of a kind piece of Valentine's Day art makes the perfect addition to your holiday home d├ęcor.  For very little cost, you can make Clay Letters for Valentine's Day Art for your home.