How to Make Cloches from Thrift Store Vases

If you've ever wanted a beautiful glass cloche in your home decor, I can show you how to make Cloches from Thrift Store Vases.  

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I have been noticing lots of fun spring d├ęcor underneath cloches- you know those beautiful glass domes that cover pretty bunny figurines or nests?  I love them, but they can be rather pricey.  And frankly, I probably would still buy one even if it was expensive, but I haven't had any luck finding them locally.  

Glass candle cups at the thrift store.

You know that I am a big fan of thrift store shopping-  because I say it all of the time.  On one of my last trips, I wandered down the glass aisle.  In the thrift store, one can find a variety of glass pieces that can be used in many different ways.  I ended up purchases vases in many sizes and shapes.

I found all of my glass pieces at the thrift store.  If you can't find thrift store vases and/or a lamp shade at the thrift store I will include links to buy items online.

Glass vases and lamp shade from the thrift store.

I ended up with a bunch of candle cups and vases.  I bought them in various sizes and made sure the top (which would be the bottom at the cloche) was wide and would sit flat on a surface.  I also found a larger glass lamp shade from an old light fixture.

Hot glued plates and bowls from the thrift store to make a cake plate.

While I was shopping at the thrift store I also picked up some white plates and bowls.  Some are vintage ironstone, which I love.  But I am not too picky and picked up some small white bowls that are not vintage.  

Hot glued plates and bowls from the thrift store to make a cake plate.

I hot glued the bowls to the plates, like I did here for a candle holder, to make cake plates or elevated plates for the cloches to sit on.

Cloche made from thrift store vase covering a glass bunny.

This cloche is covering a vintage bunny figurine.  I placed some pieces of greenery around the base.

Vase from thrift store used as cloche over bunny and wreath.

ceramic bunny (similar)  |  candle wreath rings (similar)

I used the same vase aka cloche for this set.  In this one, I displayed a ceramic bunny and a napkin ring wreath.  The bunny needed to sit up a little bit higher so I propped it up on a wooden block.  

Metal bird underneath vase used as a cloche.

metal bird (similar to be painted)

For this cloche, I used a metal bird propped up on a wooden block.  I placed book page paper shred around the block.  I made the shred by cutting book pages with my paper cutter into small strips and crunching them up with my hands.  

Glass lamp shade from the thrift store used as a cloche.

For this cloche, I used a glass lamp shade from the thrift store.  Underneath it, I placed a plant in a weathered pot.  Since the top of the glass lamp shade is open, I think a real plant would probably be ok.  But you could also use a faux plant.

Spring Display with thrift store vases used as cloches.

I placed a bunch of cloches all together in a spring vignette with greenery and small figurines. 

Spring Display with thrift store vases used as cloches.

I also used chicken wire cloches that I made.  I am using them over the top of a cement look bunny (post to come soon) and a nest of eggs.  

Spring Display with thrift store vases used as cloches.

The next time you are at the thrift store, keep an open mind when you are looking around.  Not only can you find some awesome pieces, you can make other things, like cake plates and cloches. This post shows how easily you can turn Glass Vases into Cloches.