Steps To Early Spring Home Decor

Are you looking for home decorating inspiration for Spring?  Today I have 7 Steps to Early Spring Home Décor.

7 Steps to Early Spring Home Décor Pinterest Pin

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The holidays are over and winter seems to be wrapping up here.  So the next decorating season is Spring!  Although it's a little too early to me for bunnies and gardening, I am ready to add some fresh looks to my home. 


7 Steps to Early Spring Home Décor

 I like to follow certain steps when I'm redecorating.

  • Gather Inspiration
  • Empty the Room
  • Dust
  • Sweep, Vacuum and Mop
  • Launder everything that needs washing
  • Place all decorating options in one spot
  • Redecorate

Gather Inspiration

Spring pinterest board to gather inspiration

The best way to gather inspiration for decorating is by looking at photos on Pinterest.  I looked up Spring ideas and pinned a bunch of stuff.  As I looked at all of the pins I was inspired by, I found that most of them had plants, woods and whites.  So that's what I decided to go with.

Empty the Room

Steps to Early Spring Home Décor - empty the room

Take the décor off all of the surfaces.  When you're emptying, you can look at all of the things you have and find new ways to use it.  Emptying everything gives the chance to be able to get things nice and clean as well.

Dust all Hard Surfaces

Steps to early spring decor - dust all surfaces

Once all the surfaces have been cleaned off, you can give everything a good cleaning.  Dust all the surfaces and clean the soft surfaces too.  Since my couches are leather, I can clean them with a multi purpose cleaner.  If you have fabric, shampoo them or wash the slip covers.  See all of my favorite cleaning products here. 

Sweep, Mop and Vacuum Floor

Steps to Early Spring Decor - sweep, mop and vacuum

Move all the furniture and roll up the area rugs so you can sweep, vacuum and mop.  Once everything is out of the way, it makes it so much easier to get everything clean.  With my shiny laminate flooring, I have used many different cleaners, but always come back to this one.  

Launder all washable items

steps to early spring home decor - wash everything

Nothing makes me more inspired than having a clean house.  So I like to wash and clean everything when I am switching up my home décor.  Since I have a hairy dog, I wash our pillow slip covers often.  I also wash our throws as well.  

Make a Pile of all Décor

Steps to early spring home decor - pile all decor items

When you are emptying your rooms of everything, make 2 piles.  One pile is for things you want to use again in your decorating and in the other pile are things that need to be put away.  Once you have narrowed that down,  then you can do the best part- redecorate!

Redecorate Your Room

One the room is clean and you have narrowed down what décor you'd like to use, you can start bringing things back into the room.

Early Spring Home Decor

In my living room, I kept things pretty simple and just added in some fresh accents with plants and layers.

Early Spring Home Decor - bookshelf

On our book shelf, I placed a cubby with vintage door knobs and a collection of vintage blue mason jars.  On the top shelf I placed a jar of game pieces, vintage tool boxes, and a faux plant.  On top of the book shelf is a pothos plant in an olive bucket and some wooden picnic baskets.

Early Spring Home Decor - board and batton, leather couches and pillow covers

Above the board and batten, I placed a collection of 2 windows and a window screen.  I used command velcro and museum putty to hold the windows in place.  

Early Spring Home Decor - hardware cabinet, hanging sifters

In this corner, I hung my Rustic Heart and some vintage sifters from our Hanging Peg Rack.  It makes a nice little corner with my collection of vintage milk boxes and my beloved green hardware cabinet.  On top of the cabinet is a small medicine chest and a ZZ plant in a wooden bucket.

Early Spring Home Decor - flea market table with layered vignette

Right inside my front door is a table I got at the Flea Market.  I layered this vignette with white shutters, a tobacco stick star, a jar of spools and another pothos plant.  I keep a basket of throw blankets on the bottom shelf.

Early Spring Home Decor - how to make a candle holder

On the flea market table I wanted a holder for a candle.  I grabbed some dishes from my stash and hot glued them together.  I like to use hot glue in projects like this because it's not permanent.  When I'm not using the candle holder, I can take the dishes apart and return them to their regular spots.

Early Spring Home Décor

In following the 7 Steps to Early Spring Home Décor, I got a whole new look in my (freshly cleaned) living room without spending any money.