Rustic Hanging Heart Pillow

If you are a fan of vintage and/or rustic, I have a fun project for you today.  It's a Hanging Heart Pillow made from some fabric piece that I repurposed.

Rustic Hanging Heart Pillow Pinterest Pin.

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Since it is almost Valentine's Day, I've had hearts on the mind.  And you know I love to repurpose things.  So I decided to repurpose a quilted pillow sham into a hanging heart.

How to Turn A Quilted Pillow Sham into a Hanging Heart

Beginner Sewing Project    I used a sewing machine to make this hanging heart pillow.  It is a very basic project that only requires only using a straight stitch.  If you don't have a sewing machine, you can totally sew the pillow closed with a needle and thread.  I bet a glue gun would even work. 

How to repurpose a quilted pillow sham.

On one of my latest trips to the thrift store, I found this quilted pillow sham.  It was a single, so it was super inexpensive at only $1.  I didn't have a specific plan for it when I bought it, but my theory is that if you buy it, inspiration will come!  Of course, that kind of thinking has gotten me a rather large stash in my garage, but whatever!  :)    If you don't have an extra quilted pillow sham sitting around, you can use an old quilt like what was used in this project, or use quilted fabric.  

How to repurpose a quilted pillow sham by drawing on a heart.

Fold a piece of printer paper in half and cut out a heart shape with paper scissors.  Then place the cut out heart on top of the pillow sham and trace around the heart with a fabric pen.  

Cut out heart shape from quilted pillow sham.

Fold pillow sham in half and cut around the drawn on heart shape.  Quilted fabric is pretty thick and kind of a pain to cut so either use really good fabric scissors, or just cut out 1 side at a time to make it easier on yourself.

Sew heart closed with sewing machine and stuff with polly fill.

Sew around the heart shapes with your sewing machine, leaving a 3-4 inch opening on one of the sides.  You may have to trim the fabric to line up properly.  Then stuff the pillow with poly fill making it as full as you wish.  Squish the poly fill around the make sure the entire heart is full.  Once it's stuffed, close the hole.  I used my sewing machine to close it.

Buttons and lace trim to hang quilted heart.

To make the hanger, I hand sewed some lace trim and white buttons onto the top of the heart with a needle and thread.  

Rustic Fabric Heart hanging with lace trim.

The lace makes the perfect rustic hanger for the heart.  The buttons add a bit of character.  

Rustic Fabric Heart hanging with lace trim and shelf sitting heart.

If you don't want to hang the heart, you can just make it to be a shelf sitter.  I used a safety pin to attach a bell to add a little whimsy.  Of course if you decide to sit the pillow on a chair, I would omit the safety pin.  

This Rustic Hanging Heart Pillow (and it's cousin the heart pillow shelf sitter) make such a charming touch to any home d├ęcor.