Clay Hearts Candle Centerpiece for Valentine's Day

 Are you looking for a fun and SUPER cute way to decorate your table for Valentine's Day?  I have this idea for Clay Hearts Candle Centerpiece.

Clay Hearts Candle Centerpiece for Valentine's Day pinterest pin.

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Last week when I had the clay out making Clay Letter Art, I decided to make conversation hearts and hearts with my family's initials on them.  Once they were made, I thought they would look cute in a centerpiece on my kitchen table.  

How to Make Clay Hearts for a Candle Centerpiece

Supplies needed to make clay hearts

I used the same supplies for the hearts that I used for the clay letters.

Supplies Needed

clay hearts from air dry clay

To make the Hearts:  I rolled out the clay on wax paper with the wooden dowel.  Once the clay was sufficiently and evenly rolled out, I cut it out with the various sizes of heart cutters.

clay hearts from air dry clay

I then stamped the clay hearts with letter stamps.  On the smaller hearts, I did the first initials of each member of my family.  On the larger hearts I did  LOVE, SWEET, KISS, CUTE.  I let the hearts sit on the wax paper to dry over night.  Once they were dry, I decided to leave the hearts white, but you could  paint them just about any color.

How to Put Together Candle Centerpiece with Clay Hearts

Distressed imitation vintage dough bowl

I found a wooden dough bowl in my stash that I distressed it heavily with sandpaper.

Candle Centerpiece for Valentine's Day.

I grabbed some candles from my stash.  The tall candle was slightly discolored so I covered it with some red and white ticking fabric.  Once I placed the candles into the dough bowl, I filled it with dried black beans as filler.

Clay hearts in candle table centerpiece

I nestled the clay hearts into the black beans along with the candles.  I think they look so cute and personalize the centerpiece.  When my teen son saw the centerpiece sitting on the table, he was happy to see the K for his name.  

Candle Centerpiece for valentines day.

On my kitchen table, I placed a vintage shutter painted red and distressed.  When you place things like this on your table, don't forget to use felt pads to protect the table.  On top of  shutter, I placed the dough bowl with the candles.

Valentine's Centerpiece on Kitchen Table.

The Clay Hearts Candle Centerpiece makes the perfect addition to my Valentine's Day D├ęcor.