Star Ribbon Wands for Independence Day

Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate the 4th of July at a parade or party?  Make Star Ribbon Wands for Independence Day.

Star Ribbon Wands for Independence Day pinterest pin.

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It's the red, white and blue and celebrate America time of year!  I seriously love it!  I love the flag, celebrating, the colors, summer and all the things this time of year.  Except excessive heat - I do not love that part.  (95 degrees and a heat advisory today - yuck)

I wanted to create something that kids could wave during parades, fireworks or at a 4th of July barbecue.  So I made little wands with stars, ribbons and bells to be waved.  

How to Create Star Wands for Independence Day

This is an easy project to do.  You could invite your kids to make them with you as you stay inside on a warm summer day.

Supplies List for 4th of July star wands.

Supply list for Star Wands

These supplies can be found at any craft store or on Amazon at the links.  
Spray paint both sides of the wooden stars with both red and blue spray paint.  

Hot glue dowels to the inside of stars.

Hot Glue a dowel to one side of a star.  Take another star of the same size and color and hot glue it to the dowel, sandwiching it between the 2 stars.

How to make a star wand with wooden stars and dowels.

It will look like this - 2 stars of the same size with a wooden dowel in between.

Tie ribbons to dowel underneath star.

Cut various red white and blue ribbons to about 15-20 inches in length.  Tie a grouping of 3-4 ribbons just underneath the stars on the dowel.  Place a dollop of hot glue to hold the ribbons in place if needed.

Star wands with ribbons and bells.

As a finishing touch, tie small jingle bells to some of the ribbons so the wands make noise when shaken.

Star wands with bells and ribbon.

These wands would be so much fun at a parade, for kids that are too young for sparklers or for decoration at your 4th of July barbeque.  

Star wands with bells and ribbon.

Whip up some Star Wands for Independence Day.  They are super easy to make and fun to shake to celebrate the birth of America!  Let me know if you decide to make some!