How to Make Sewn Fabric Flags

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to whip up some cute little flags for your holiday decor, I have an easy tutorial to make Sewn Fabric Flags.

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I have displayed small fabric flags in my patriotic décor for years, but this year I had an idea to make some with fabric scraps.

How to Sew Fabric Scrap Flags

Fabric Scraps to make a fabric flag.

Gather Fabric Scraps.  I looked through my large stash and found red and white stripe fabric and a small piece of blue with white polka dot fabric.    I also grabbed some quilt batting scraps.

Cut striped fabric to 5.5 inches for Flag.

Cut Fabric.  Fold striped fabric in half and cut 2 rectangles that are 5.5" by 3 inches.  You can make the set in different, graduated sizes to make them look good together.

Cut striped fabric and batting to 5.5 inches for Flag.

Cut piece of batting.  Cut a piece of quilting batting to the same size as the fabric.  

Cut polka dot fabric to 2.5 inch square.

Cut blue polka dot fabric.  From the blue polka dot fabric cut a square that is about 2.5 inches on all of the sides.

Sew flag on sewing machine.

Sew edges of flag.  Place layers of fabric on sewing machine and sew all of the edges, including around the blue square that is placed in the top left corner.  Trim any extra fabric. BTW - I use my sewing machine pin cushion each and every time I sew something.  It's so handy to keep the pins handy.

Sewn fabric flag hot glued to wooden dowel.

Attach fabric flag to dowel.  Lay the flag down on the front side and hot glue a wooden dowel to the back right side.  Side Note:  I just purchased the hot glue gun linked above and I love it.  It heats up quickly, has an on/off switch, and has a small opening for detailed glue application.

How to Make Sewn Fabric Flags.

Whip up these Sewn Fabric Flags for just pennies.  You will be able to use up some fabric scraps and make cute little flags for your home décor.