Vintage Farmhouse July 4th Home Decor

I always love decorating my home with Holiday Decor.  But this year, it has been even sweeter!  I think it's because with all of the ugliness happening in the world, that I cannot control, I like being in control of what the inside of my home looks like.  How's that for some psychological deconstructing?!  

If you are looking for some inspiration to decorate your home in Vintage Farmhouse 4th of July,  you've come to the right place.  Read on! 

Vintage Farmhouse 4th of July Home Decor

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This year, more than ever, I am so grateful for this country.  I love to pay my tribute by decorating our home in Red, White and Blue.  And frankly this year, I needed the chance to do something, rather than just think about things I'm frustrated about.  Decorating my home for July 4th was the perfect opportunity to creatively stretch myself.  

4th of July Home Decor in Vintage Farmhouse Style

I will be sharing several tips that I have used to decorate for the 4th of July in my home.

Vintage Farmhouse Home decor in red white and blue on white painted cabinet
This cabinet, always a favorite place of mine to decorate, is living a new life with a white coat of paint.

Tip #1 Use what you have   I grabbed my tote of Independence Day decor, and pulled all of the red, white and blue vintage goods I could find from my stash. Once I gathered everything I was surprised by how much I had.  I ended up using:   

Vintage Goods

  • tin cans
  • tool boxes
  • thermos'
  • suitcase (from my ballet days as a child)

Vintage Farmhouse Home decor - vintage tin cans, stars, ticket rolls
Gather various tin cans and fill them with bush or flower clippings from the garden.    

Holiday Decor

Vintage Farmhouse Home decor - vintage tool boxes, handmade wooden flag, vintage thermos
Vintage Tool Boxes make the perfect thing to add lifts and levels to vintage vignettes.

Tip #2  Putting together Vintage Vignettes that are layered and interesting.  I lay everything out on my couch or floor to see what I have to work with.  Then I start placing things here and there. Adding/Removing items around my home until I come up with vingettes I like.

Vintage Farmhouse Home decor - vintage tool boxes, handmade wooden flag, vintage bank, vintage scale
Pick up various items, like the red white and blue bank and small red scale, while thrifting during the off season.

Tip #3  Finding great vintage good when shopping:  Just about all of the vintage/thrifted things I have are from Goodwill or the Flea Market.  I have a lot of luck because I go often, I am prepared to not find anything each time I go, I buy the things I like (that are within budget) and especially buy things off-season.  I bought the budget bank above at Goodwill in January.

Vintage Farmhouse Home decor - brown leather couches, red throw blanket, blue throw pillows
Add holiday color to your sofa with throw blankets and pillows.  A cute pupper doesn't hurt either.

Tip #4 Put a cute puppy in the vignettes  Just kidding, although she does make everything look good.  I pulled out a red throw blanket and blue and white pillow covers that I made using this method several years ago.

Vintage Farmhouse Home decor - green industrial cabinet, lavender, plant
This green cabinet is one of my favorite pieces in my entire house.  I love building vignettes around it.

Tip #5  Build on what you have   In this vignette, I added a little bit of patriotic decor to the things I already had like the shutters, grain sifter, plant and green industrial cabinet.  I placed small flags in the lavender, placed our plant on top of patriotic books and placed a star on top of a vintage spindle.

Vintage Farmhouse Home decor - door knob shelf, flags in glass vases
I placed books and a book stack in a wooden shelf on top of this table in my entry.  

Tip #6  Keep it simple   The flags are a beautiful statement all on their own.  Nothing more was needed on this shelf than to display them in glass jars.  

Small flags make a beautiful statement in glass jars this door knob shelf.

Decorating my home for the holidays brings me such joy!  Hopefully you can use inspiration from Vintage Farmhouse 4th of July Home Decor and decorate your home!

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