11 Ideas for Shelves Around Your Home

Are you looking for shelf ideas for your home?  You have come to the right place.  I have 11 Shelving Ideas that you can use in any room in your home.

11 Shelf Ideas to use in any room of your home  |  She's Crafty

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Lets talk about shelves.  I miiiiggghhtt be addicted to hanging up shelves in my house.  Any time I have an open spot in my home, I can't think of putting anything else but shelves.  And not just any shelves, usually.  I like to make simple DIY shelves.  As I  walked through my home and found 11 different shelf ideas to share with you.

11 Creative Ideas for Shelving in Your Home

shelves in craft room, craft room storage, ribbon storage, yardstick molding

Craft Room Shelves   When I redid my craft room last summer, I knew I would need a place to store ribbon and other craft supplies.  I used 1 x 8 pieces of wood and shelf brackets (similar) to put shelves on my wall.  I left the wood raw and used vintage yardsticks as molding on the edges.

board and batten with top shelf, board and batten living room, character to builder home, easy board and batten

Board and Batten with top shelf   Many years ago, when I put up board and batten as architectural interest in our living room, I added a 1 x 4 on top as a shelf.  All these years later, this is still such a great shelf to display decorative items from family photos to vintage windows.  

how to display family photos, simple picture ledge shelves, shelves with corner brackets

Picture Ledge Shelves   These simple shelves made with 1 x 4's and corner brackets that I sprayed with spray paint.   The brackets are very light weight, so I wouldn't put anything heavy on the shelves.  I use them to display unframed family photos.  (I get my family photos enlarged and mounted on mat board from mpix)

simple built in shelves, shelf ideas, wood shelves

Built in Shelves   We had a funny little nook in our dining room that was just crying out for some shelves.  So I made built ins.  I mounted small lengths of 1x2's on the wall as braces, which were painted the wall color so they would blend in.  Then a stained 1x6 was placed on top of the braces.  I nailed on a piece of molding across the front to finish it off.  

open kitchen shelving, wood shelves in kitchen, shelves and brackets, dish storage in kitchen

Open Kitchen Shelves   This is the project I have been working on since March.  I kept hoping to finish the back splash before sharing it, but here we are almost 3 months later and I still haven't finished (due to quarantine craziness).  Anyway - I took down the upper kitchen cabinets on this side of my kitchen.  Then I hung these brackets and stained 2 x 8 wood lengths.  Taking down the bulky cabinets opened my small kitchen up so much and I am thrilled with how they look.  At first my family wasn't too sure about open shelving, but now they love how easy it is to grab a glass!  I repurposed the cabinet here.  As I said, I still want to do a back splash and eventually get new counter tops.

display shelves, shelves with brackets, how to make easy DIY shelves

Display Shelves  Once I had my kitchen shelves done, I bought the same brackets for display shelves outside my craft room.  I have a ridiculous about of wood leftover or repurposed from other projects in my garage, so I gathered 1 x 8's.  I used one of my favorite painted/stained techniques on them.  

How to distress wood for display shelves

  • Paint shelves white with interior paint, let dry
  • Heavily sand the wood edges to distress and wipe with damp cloth to remove debris
  • Brush stain on and wipe off with a rag
  • Let dry overnight 
  • Hang the shelves!!!  

marquee letter shelves, display shelves, how to display sign letters

Marquee Letter Shelf   Our playroom has vaulted ceilings, aka a lot of wall space.  So I hung high display shelves to display marquee letters.  I used the same corner brackets as in a lot of my other shelves and a 8 foot 1 x 3.  Full tutorial here.

open shelves with distressed corbels and reclaimed wood, easy reclaimed wood shelving

Open Shelves with Corbels   When I took down our kitchen cabinets, I also took down our first set of open shelves.  I moved them into our dining room where I can display all of my fun vintage kitchen items.  I used my favorite same distressing technique on the corbels that I did on my display shelves.  I used wood reclaimed from another project for the top.

mirror shelf in bathroom, easy shelf to hold mirrors in bathroom, bathroom mirror ideas

Mirror Shelf in bathroom   When I redid our kids bathroom, I took down the gigantic builder mirror and replaced it with two smaller mirrors.  I built a shelf out of a stained 1 x 4 and black spray painted corner brackets (my specialty).  It looks perfect in this bathroom by adding a custom touch.  

easy display shelves, how to DIY a shelf

Display Shelf  In our kids bathroom I had wood leftover from the mirror shelf, so I constructed a simple display shelf for simple decor pieces like a letter board and vintage first aid kit.

How to Make a Simple display shelf from wood

How to make a simple display shelf without brackets

  • cut 2 pieces of wood to the exact same length
  • paint or stain the wood
  • run a bead of glue along the edge 
  • place the 2nd piece of wood perpendicular to the wood
  • screw the boards together with wood screws (you may want to drill pilot holes so the wood doesn't split)
  • let the glue dry and hang the shelf up
  • To hang:  drill holes in the piece of wood that lays flat on the wall.  Mark where it will be on the wall and if it doesn't go into a stud, use a wall anchor.  

door knob shelf, faux mantel, simple shelf with door knob hangers

Door Knob Shelf   I had this door knob shelf in my kitchen for several years.  I used it as a mantel for a fun place to decorate.  When I redid my kitchen in March, I decided to take it down, cut it shorter and hung it into our living room.  I made the shelf the same way as the display shelf instructions above.  Then I drilled holes for round dowels, glued them into the shelf and glued them into the door knobs.  Another shelf idea is to make rectangles from reclaimed wood, instructions here.  I have this one sitting on a table, but it would also be great hung on the wall.

11 ideas for shelves around the home

There are examples of easy to make shelves for the home.  None of them require more than basic carpentry skills and supplies.  I love having the ability to make something quick and easy to hang and display in my home.  Make and hang one of these 11 Ideas for Shelves Around Your Home today!

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