Coastal Summer Centerpiece

If you're looking for a cute and simple centerpiece to celebrate summer, today I'm sharing how to put together a Late Summer Centerpiece with Coastal Vibes.  

Summer Centerpiece with coastal vibes pinterest pin.

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When July 4th is over and I take down all of the red, white and blue, I don't know what to do with my home décor.  I am certainly not ready to put up fall stuff yet - it's still summer and 100 degrees outside.  This year I decided to do a Late Summer Décor with Coastal Vibes, starting with a centerpiece.  

How to Put Together a Centerpiece with Coastal Vibes

Summer Centerpiece - footed glass vase, ivy plant.

For this project you will need a large glass vase, a plant in a pot that won't leak and sea shells. 

  • I used a footed glass vase that used to be an apothecary jar with a lid.  When the top broke, I almost donated the vase but I'm so glad I kept it because it was perfect for this project.  
  • I used a cute ivy plant that is in a bottom watering pot.  That means water is placed in the outside cup, while the plant is in a different pot with a wick to absorb the water and it has drainage holes.
  • My family and I found all of the sea shells on our trips to Gulf Shores.  

Coastal Summer Centerpiece with shells and plant.

To Make the Centerpiece :  Fill the bottom of the glass vase with shells.  Flatten out the shells and set the plant on top.  You'll want to add enough shells so that the plant pot will sit a little below the top of the glass vase. 

Fill Vase around plant with sea shells to make centerpiece.

Fill around the plant pot with shells until the entire pot is covered.  I used smaller shells and pieces of larger shells in a variety of shapes and colors.  

Shells in glass jar with plant.

I love how the glass vase shows the natural beauty of the shells that my kids and I collected during our beloved beach trip!  The colors are so gorgeous!  Mother Nature is amazing!

Summer Centerpiece - shells in glass jar with plant.

Once the vase is filled with enough shells to cover the plant pot, the centerpiece is ready!  I love the mix of glass, plants and shells.  It is simple but has the best coastal vibes!  

Summer Centerpiece - shells in glass jar with plant.

Place your vase on the dining room table or add it to a beach themed vignette, which is what I did.  A Coastal Summer Centerpiece is the perfect piece for your home décor in the late Summer!