Late Summer Home Decor Coastal Grandma Style

If you're looking for Home Decorating Ideas for late summer, I've sharing several vignettes in Coastal Grandma Style.  

Late Summer Home Decorating with Coastal Grandma Style Pinterest Pin.

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What in the world is Coastal Grandma Style you ask?  It's a term I recently heard and love. It's a style that a stylish grandma would wear in a beach town.  I picture light and airy beach colors- blues of ocean water, tan sandy beaches, white fluffy clouds, along with aged beach cottages, palm trees, and drift wood .  Can you picture it?  I can practically feel the heat on my skin, hear the rolling waves and see the seagulls flying around.  

Since we live in Tennessee, we are within driving distance to the gulf beaches, and boy have I fallen in love!  Planting my feet in the sand, wading into the ocean, searching the beach for washed up shells and just generally relaxing are the name of the game at the beach!  

That beach or coastal style, is what I tried to incorporate into my late Summer home décor this year. 

Late Summer Décor in Coastal Grandma Style

In my late summer home decor, I implemented the colors of the beach.  

Summer Home Decor Coastal Grandma Style seashell planter..

For this vignette, I started with some framed photography above my DIY Wooden Shelf.  Underneath the photos are vintage blue Mason jars.  Hanging from the shelf is an old grain sifter.  In front of the sifter are sailboats made from local driftwood.  

Summer Home Decor Coastal Grandma Style seashell planter..

To round out this vignette, I placed my Seashell Centerpiece on top of vintage books.  

Beach photography Gulf Shores.

I had 11 x 14 wood frames leftover from another project.  I took the glass and mat out and painted the frames aqua, and then white.  After the paint was dry, I distressed the frames with sandpaper, to show all of the colors and the wood tones. Then I put the frames back together with beach photos that I printed on my home printer.  

I took the photos when we were on one of our trips to Gulf Shores.  If you would like a copy for your own personal use, I put the beach photos all in this folder Gulf Shores Beach Photography.  If you would like to share them, please link to this blog post.

Coastal Décor on White Cabinet

Coastal themed home decor.

On my white cabinet, I gathered a variety of items that were beach hues:  vintage wood topped picnic baskets, more vintage Mason jars, white ironstone, rustic tackle boxes with such great colors, a plant in a chippy pot and vintage books in a variety of colors.  

Coastal themed home decor.

I have said this several times but this cabinet is one of my best yard sale purchases.  It has been painted so many colors, but I think I am liking this white the best - at least for now!  On top of one of the tackle boxes, I snuck in a beach photo being held by a vintage foldable ruler.  

Coastal Decor with Flea Market Finds

Coastal Themed Home Decor.

This is my little flea market corner because almost everything in this spot was purchased at the flea market or the thrift store.  I kept this spot pretty simple with my Flea Market Plant Holder hanging from a DIY Wall Hook.  The worn white cupboard on the wall in addition to the door knob shelf, add to the texture of the space.  I always have to have a basket of throw blankets handy, no matter the weather because I always has to use a blanket when watching a show.

Coastal Themed Home Decor.

The only other things I added to this little corner is a bunch of vintage glass bottles in a wooden cake stand.  I love the sparkle of the glass on the worn wood!

Coastal Grandma Home Decorating.

While I'm not normally a coastal décor fan, I think I like Coastal Grandma Style!   It's warm and comfortable with lots of textures and muted, distressed finishes.  

Coastal Grandma Home Decorating in Living Room.

Hopefully this post gave you some ideas for doing Late Summer Home Decoration in Coastal Grandma Style!