Flea Market Funnel Plant Holder

If you're looking for a unique way to hang a house plant, check out this Flea Market Funnel Plant Holder.  

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Have you ever grabbed something at the thrift store or flea market because you loved it, but when you got it home, you didn't know what to do with it so you just kept it in your stash forever and ever?  Yea me neither.  Ha ha!  I think all junkers do this from time to time!

Galvanized metal funnel from the flea market.

I found a vintage metal funnel years ago at the Nashville Flea Market and scooped it right up.  But it sat on the shelf in my garage giving me the side eye for years because I didn't have a place for it.  Today is the day I finally put this little cutie to use as a plant holder! 

How to Turn a Flea Market Metal Funnel into a Plant Holder

For this funnel, I didn't want to poke holes to hang it the way I have done in the past.  Come to think of it, that is an excellent excuse for not using the funnel before now.  

Thrift store belts to hang a funnel.

I also had some faux leather belts hanging around from the thrift store.  The thrift store is such a great place to get faux and sometimes real leather belts for pennies.  I think these were only $1 each.  I used the belts to make a holder that would be able to handle the weight of the funnel with a plant.

Supplies to place a grommet in a leather belt.

Use 1 belt around the circumference funnel and 2 other belts on each side as hangers.  To hold the belts on the sides, make loops in each of the belts.  To hold the loops, you could use a strong glue, but I think grommets are a sturdier option.   

Instructions for placing a grommet into leather  

  • On each belt, mark where you'd like the grommet to go with a small dot.  
  • Punch holes (where the dot is) with a leather hole punch.  I like to use the Crop-a-dial.
  • Feed grommet through the hole on each piece of the belts.
  • Place grommet and belts onto metal block
  • Flatten grommet through both of the belt pieces with grommet tool and hammer.

Grommets on leather plant holder.

Once grommets have been placed on both of the pieces that are on the sides of the funnel, slide them onto the belt that will go all the way around the funnel.  

Do the center belt up to hold the hangers.

Use the belt buckle to hold the leather belt onto the funnel.  You may also want to strategic place dabs of hot glue around it for additional hold.

Leather belt holding a metal funnel.

Once the loops are on the center belt and the buckle is done up, then you can attach the 2 hanger belts together at the top.  I did this by threading one belt through the other belt's buckle.  Make sure they are securely attached to be able to hold the weight of the belt.  You can use hot glue to secure everything.

Place plant into baggie and then into funnel.

Then it's time to add the plant to the plant holder!  I placed my pothos plant into a gallon sized zippered bag to catch any watering leaks or drips.  Once the plant is tucked all of the way into the funnel, the bag is not noticeable.  

Plant hanger from metal funnel and leather belts.

I whipped up a quick hook to hang the plant from, hung that on the wall in my living room.  And then it was time to hang my plant in it's new holder.

Plant hanger from metal funnel and leather belts.

I love the mix of the metal funnel, leather belts and diy plant hook.  It all came together and is the perfect touch for this spot in my living room! 

Plant hanger from metal funnel and leather belts.

I am so happy with how this one-of-a-kind Flea Market Funnel Plant Holder turned out with thrifted leather belts.