DIY Easy Wall Hook for Plants

If you're looking for a wall hook to hang a plant or other item from, I have an awesome and oh-so-easy tutorial for a DIY Wall Hook.  

DIY Wall Hook for Plants pinterest pin.

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When I put together the Funnel Plant Holder, I needed a hook to hang it from.  I mean, what good is a plant hanger without a way to hang it, right?  This plant hook is a super easy DIY!

How to Make a DIY Plant Hook

This project really only has 2 pieces:  a large plant hook and a piece of wood to hold it.  You could omit the wood if you'd like to attach the hook directly to the wall.  If you were to do that, you need to screw it into wall studs or use dry wall anchors.

Supplies to make a wall hook.

Every good project starts with an inspiration piece- mine was a vintage looking cast iron hook I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!  I also grabbed a piece of wood from my garage that is 1" x 6" by about 12".  

Wood painted with plaster by waverly chalk paint.

Paint the wood with chalk paint.  I love using chalk paint because it requires zero prep work and usually only takes 1 coat.  I brushed on Plaster by Waverly, which is the perfect off white.  Once the paint dried, sand the wood with a sander or sand paper to distress it.  

Watered down craft paint to create glaze.

Sanding didn't show a great contrast between the wood and the paint so I decided to distress it even further.  Using watered down craft paint (3 parts water to 1 part paint), brush it onto the wood.  

Antiqued wood by watering down craft paint.

Quickly wipe the excess watered down paint with a cloth and let the wood completely dry.  You can sand again if you want more distressing.  

Drill pilot holes with drill to mount the wall hook.

Mount the hanger to the wall with screws in each of the 4 corners.  Don't forget to drill pilot holes into the wood to keep it from splitting.   Use a drill bit that's a little smaller than the screws. Also mark and drill pilot holes where the hook will attach. 

Wall mounted plant hook diy.

Mount the hook on the board with screws.  Then mount the hook to the wall with screws in each of the corners.  Now your hook is up and ready to hold your plant!

Wall mounted plant hook.

A Wall Mounted Plant Hook is the perfect thing to hang your house plants!

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