Architectural Salvage Wood Spindle Candle Holders

If you're looking for a way to use Architectural Salvage in your home décor, I have a tutorial for making Candle Holders from Repurposed Wooden Spindles.

Architectural Salvage Wooden Spindle Candle Holders Pinterest pin.

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If you've been here for a while you know that I love 
  • vintage
  • anything chippy and distressed
  • making things from other things, aka repurposing
  • using things that would get thrown away
  • doing projects that are one of a kind
When all of these things are added up, they equal making candle holders from vintage wooden spindles.  

Candle Holders made from vintage wooden spindles.

How to Make Candle Holders from Wooden Spindles

Vintage Wooden Spindles.

I have a habit of collecting things that I love . . . usually without a purpose for the item except an emotional connection.  That is the case every time I find architectural salvage.  I love the way it looks and can't help snapping it up, whether I have a project for it or not.  

Vintage Wooden Table Leg.

I don't mind my hoarding ways, I mean isn't that what a garage is for?  For storing cool things that you think you'll probably use at some point?  

But the other people that live in my house like to use the garage for things like lawn tools and cars.  So to try to keep my collections at a reasonable volume, occasionally I like to use some of my stored pieces to make into something useful.  That is where the idea for making candle holders from vintage wooden spindles and table legs.

Miter saw to cut down table let for candle holder.

I grabbed some wooden spindles and a wooden table leg from my collection and chopped them down with a miter saw.  I don't measure how tall I want the candle holders.  I have found that eyeballing it works just fine so I lay the wood on the saw platform and chop.  

Wooden Candle holders made from spindles.

Tips for Cutting Wood Spindles into Candle Holders

Tip #1:  In the case of the wooden spindles, they don't always lay level, so sometimes I use a shim to prop one side up to make a straight cut.  

Tip #2:  Inspect the wood to make sure it doesn't have any metal (like a pole in the center) that would interfere with cutting.  

Wooden candle holders made from spindles.

After cutting, sand any sharp edges left on the wood.  You can also seal leftover paint or other imperfections on the candle holders with top coat.   Once that is dry, add candles to the holders and they are ready to go.  If using regular candles worries you, use flameless candles.  

Wooden Candle holders in front of basket wall collage.

I placed a bunch of different sized and shaped candle holders into a grouping together.  As I am considering decorating for fall, I like the way the candle holders look in front of a basket wall gallery.  

Architectural Salvage Wooden Spindle Candle Holders are a simple and fun way to add warmth and texture to your home décor.