YW Camp Survival Kit

We focus a lot on the YW for girls camp because, duh its for the Young Women.  But if you've ever been to YW camp as an adult, you know it takes a lot of effort to go.   So as a thank you for the adults who attend Young Women's Camp here is a YW Camp Survival Gift.  

YW Camp Survival Kit for Adults

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I have been to camp as a camp chaperone, a ward YW leader and a stake leader.  I know the amount of work that it takes to give the young women a fun yet spiritual experience.  The adults have to take time off work or get childcare.  They also have to be available to the YW at all times, help with the activities, function on little sleep, have a good attitude and most of all, they have to love the young women. 

I think it's important to thank the adults that make the sacrifice to attend camp.  I especially like to use humor and try to bring the spirit, so that is why I created YW Camp Survival Kits with a spiritual message.

YW Camp Survival Kit

The survival kit is a fun tongue in cheek way to acknowledge the hard work required at YW camp.  In the kit, I used small inexpensive gifts with printables attached.  

YW camp adult gifts.

YW camp adult gifts - wipes.

Small Gift Ideas and Saying

  • candyAlways Speak Sweet Words (Although chocolate would be my first choice to gift, it is summer in TN, so I chose to do candy that would not melt.)
  • wipesWipe away Tears and Messes
  • bandagesFix Boo Boo's and Hurt Feelings
  • glow stickBring the Light of Christ to Every Situation
  • bubblesBubble Over with Love for the Lord and His Daughters

Printables for YW camp adult gifts.

I printed the small cards on white cardstock in wallet size.  You can print them larger or smaller as needed.  I put a link to a single and double copy for you to choose whatever size works best for you.

Individual Printables

Cello bag with yw camp survival kit

To attach the cards to the gift, I stapled the ones that could be and for the others I used a small hole punch to make a hole in the card to tie it onto the gift with white yarn.  I gathered all of the individual items into a cellophane bag and stapled the label to the front.  

Package of YW camp survival kits.

To make the giving of the gifts easier during the chaos at camp, I placed the survival kits into a large zippered bag.  I labeled the bag with:
  • when the gifts were to be given
  • who the gifts were for
  • how many were in each bag
The labeled zippered bag made giving the gifts out much easier!

YW camp Survival Kit.

Survival Kits for the adults at YW camp are a fun way to thank them for the effort they have made to be at camp!