YW Camp Gifts for Adults

There are a lot of adults that make Young Women Camp happen!  And they cannot be thanked enough for what they do!  So as a gift to the adults who attend Young Women's Camp here are more ideas for YW Camp Gifts for Adults. 

YW Camp Gifts for Adults.

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As I stated in this post, I have been to camp as a camp chaperone, a ward YW leader and a stake leader.  I know the amount of work that it takes to give the young women a fun yet spiritual experience, hint:  it's A LOT!  The adults have to make major sacrifices to attend camp and I think it's important to thank them. 

YW Camp Gifts for Adults

These gifts are simple tokens of thanks for the sacrifices made to be at camp.  Nothing is super expensive or extensive, because I don't think that is a requirement for a thank you gift.  These are simple and easy gifts.

Thank You for Being Dependable - Pens

Thank you for being dependable, pen gift for YW camp.

I was going to put these pens into the Survival Kits, but then I thought it might be nice to have pens to hand out randomly to the adults that needed a little uplift.  As I packaged these pens, I thought and prayed about the ladies (and a few gents) that would be using them. I know I am always touched when someone prays for me, so I thought it would be nice for them to know someone is praying for them as well.

Extra Gift for the Last Day

Extra Gift for last day of YW camp.

The last 2 days of camp are the hardest!  Everyone is hot, tired and kinda done, so that is the perfect time to give a little extra treat!  

Extra Gift for last day of YW camp.

I put together a little cellophane bag with extra gum, a caffeinated drink packet and an extra (non meltable) treat.

End of Camp Gifts for Stake Leaders

End of camp gift for leaders- bath bomb.

Here in our area, we always to YW camp as a stake.  We have a called stake camp director and an assistant and then they extend assignments to a committee of women that do all of the planning and execution of camp.  Needless to say, the stake camp leaders do a ton of work to make camp happen.  I put together a special thank you just for them, given to them at the end of camp.  

End of camp gift for leaders- bath bomb.

I packed a bath bomb and some cute novelty socks into a cellophane bag with a printable tied on with curling ribbon.  

I also put together gift bags for the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director that was not photographed.  They were given tote bags with special treats.

Camp Cook Gifts

Camp Cook Gifts for YW camp.

The cooks at camp worked their tails off to feed the young women and leaders.  Many sisters and brothers volunteered their time to sweat to death as they cooked from sun up to sun down.  They made delicious and healthy meals for the YW and adults at camp and it was huge!   

Camp Cook Gifts for YW camp.

I put together small gift bags with food themed ankle socks for women and men, a spatula and some muscle soak.  It doesn't seem like a good enough thank you for all that they did, but I am sure they received blessings for their service as well!

Printables for YW Camp Gifts for Adults

I created printables for each of the gifts, even those not pictured.  Feel free to download and print these out.

Printables for YW Camp Gifts for Adults.

These YW Camp Gifts for Adults aren't a super big deal, but they are tokens of the gratitude I and the other stake YW presidency members have for the adults that attend YW camp.  

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