Thrifted Basket Wall Gallery for Fall

Are you looking for a fun and texture-y way to decorate your wall for fall?  This post will show you how to put together a Thrifted Basket Wall Gallery for Fall.

Thrifted Basket Wall Gallery for Fall Pinterest Pin.

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I know I'm like a broken record.  I consistently discuss and do projects with thrift store finds.  I can't help it.  There are SO many awesome things to be found at the thrift store.  If you don't believe me that's fine, I'll just keep trying to convince you.  

How to Put Together a Wall Gallery with Thrifted Baskets

For this project, I put together a collection of thrifted baskets, a couple of vintage sifters, a bunch of found leaves and some light weight faux pumpkins to make a Wall Gallery for Fall.

Thrifted Baskets hanging on the wall with faux pumpkins and leaves.

Of course, the first thing you need is baskets.  Baskets are plentiful at the thrift store, even if they are a little more popular (aka expensive) than they used to be.  If you can't find thrift store baskets, you can use these

Place faux pumpkins and leaves inside baskets.

 For this project, use baskets that are flat on the bottom without handles to make hanging them easier.  (Actually one of my baskets had handles and I'll share how to fix that.)  Lay your baskets on the floor in the general pattern that you would like to hang them.  You'll want to stagger the placement of large and small baskets to add visual interest.  

Vintage sifter with faux leaves and pumpkins.

I had 2 vintage sifters that I put in the gallery too.  Tap small nails into the wall and hang the basket/sifter.  For larger and/or heavier baskets, you may need to use something more substantial like picture hangers.  

Wall gallery with thrifted baskets.

Inside the sifters and larger baskets I tucked in faux velvet pumpkinsfaux leavesfaux eucalyptus and branches with real leaves that I found in my neighborhood.  The items I displayed in my baskets are light weight so it worked to just sit them in the basket.  You may need to use hot glue to attach the leaves and/or pumpkins.

Basket Wall Gallery from the side.

What to do if your basket has a handle.  If you're baskets have handles that are not structurally important to the basket, they can be removed.  The large basket on the bottom of my wall gallery had a handle.  I used wire cutters to trim it off and now you can't even tell that there was ever a handle.  Easy Peasy.

Wall Gallery home decor for Fall.

I love the warm texture that the basket adds to the wall.  And of course I love having places to tuck in seasonal home decor.  In front of the wall gallery I placed wood candle holders, a stack of seasonally colored books and a jar of faux florals.  

Thrifted Wall Basket Gallery with pumpkins.

This vignette has all of the things I was looking for.  A fun use for my thrifted finds - check.  Warm texture on the wall - check.  A place to put seasonal decor - check.   This Wall Gallery with Thrifted Baskets for Fall checks all the boxes and looks fabulous too!