Spooky Halloween Potion Jars

 If you're looking for another fun project for Halloween, I have an idea to make Halloween Potion Jars with repurposed glass bottles.

Halloween Potion Bottles pinterest pin.

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I used to hoard collect empty glass jars.  It got to the point that I had an entire cupboard full of them.  I kept them because I just knew they would come in handy one day.  And guess what - today is that day!

How to Make Spooky Potion Jars from recycled glass

Spooky potion jars for Halloween.

Use leftover glass jars   I love this project because it uses things that were destined for the trash or the recycle bin.  You can use jars from pickles, spices, salad dressing and even vintage jars.  I do not recommend using minced garlic jars because no matter how many times they are washed, the glass still stinks really bad!  

How to use leftover glass jars.

To remove the labels on the jars, soak the jars in soapy water.  Then use a product like Goo Gone and a pan scraper to remove all of the adhesive residue.  Then once that is done, run the jars through the
dishwasher.  You can also use new glass mason jars.

Printable Potion Labels  You can make your own potion labels in an editing program or you can buy some.  I used these labels.  They are so easy to purchase and download.  For just a couple of dollars, you will be sent a zip file full of all of the potion labels that you can use as you wish!

Halloween potion jars with plastic bat rings.

Steps for putting portion labels on jars.
  • Print labels on white cardstock from your home printer.
  • Cut labels out with paper trimmer or scissors.
  • Place the image on a non stick, non dusty (trust me on this) surface and cover the image with clear packing tape.
  • Peel the packing tape off, with the label now attached and carefully place around the jar, smoothing out all of the tape.

Printable potion label on vintage jar with orange spiders.

You can place a candle in the potion jar or fill with various spooky things like spider rings, bat rings

Halloween potion jar full of skeleton pieces.

Vintage spice jars with printable potion labels.

Halloween Potion bottle with printable label.

Halloween potion jars.

Halloween Potion Jars are a great way to add a spooky touch to your home d├ęcor or Halloween party!