How to put together Easter Cloches

Want a way to display some cute Easter stuff?  Make them into cloches.  In this post I will show you how to add glass covers to an Easter display to make Easter Cloches.  

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I'm kinda on a cloche kick, see this post.  I think the addition of a little glass cover adds so much fun and flair to a little display.  So I decided to make a few cloches for Easter.  

How to Make Easter Cloches

First of all, like projects, you have to gather supplies.  This is the fun part.  I am an excellent gatherer.  I love to have things on hand so that when the mood strikes, I am ready with all the supplies I need.  Some may call this hoarding, I call it being prepared.

Supplies Needed for Easter Cloches

Thrift store vases, candle cups and jars.

Grab some vases, jars and candle cups from the thrift store.  I always pick these up when I see them.  They are usually between $1-$3 depending on the size.  If you can't make it to the thrift store, you can buy new candle cups here and pillar candle vases here.

Thrift store saucers and plates.

Next, grab some saucers and small plates from the thrift store.  These are also something I seem to always find and buy when I see them.  I try to find vintage ironstone, but I will usually pick up white dishes no matter how old they are.  Once again, if you can find vintage, you can get new plates here.

Small bunnies and eggs to add to Easter Cloches.


Then grab a variety of easter items like nests, eggs, small bunnies to add to your cloches.

Egg Stand Display

Egg Cloche for Easter.

For this display, I found a decorative egg at the craft store.  It originally had a hanging ribbon on the top.  I took the ribbon off because I didn't like the look and replaced it with a polka dot ribbon.  I wanted a way to show off the cute egg so I placed it on a glass candle holder with some book page paper shred. 

Egg Cloche for Easter covered with a vase.

I placed the egg atop the candle holder on a plate and then placed a glass vase, aka cloche over the top.  

Moss Bunny in a Pot

Moss bunny in a pot Easter cloche.

For this display, I placed a moss bunny in a small plant pot with some decorative moss.  Moss is such a great thing to add texture to your displays.  I placed the plant on a small cake stand .  

Bunny Cloche on a cake stand.

I glued a vintage wood cabinet handle to a glass vase to make a cloche.  Then placed the cloche over the top of the moss bunny.  

HOP Bunny Display

HOP bunny display Easter cloche.

For the bunny display I glued cute letter dice on top of one another to make the word HOP.  I then glued a small bunny to the top.  

HOP bunny display Easter cloche.

The display is being held up with a small wood piece and some moss on a decorative plate.  I covered the whole thing with a tall skinny candle cup.  Since this display is a little fragile, I glued the candle cup to the plate.

White Bunny Display

Bunny Display Easter Cloche.

For this display, I made a small nest with moss and placed it with a ceramic bunny on a small wooden candle holder.  Then I put some greenery around the bottom.

Bunny Display Easter Cloche.

Once again, I placed a glass vase over the top to make it a cloche.  You can use authentic glass cloches, but I think they are hard to find and pricey.  So thrifted glass vases work just fine!

Small Candle Cup Displays

Eggs in nest Display Easter Cloche.

For these small cloches, I used candle cups.  In this one, I placed a small nest on some greenery and glued in some colorful faux eggs.

Mod Podged egg in nest Display Easter Cloche.

For this one, I placed a mod podged egg on a nest, put on a vintage saucer and put one of those cute little candle cups over the top.  

Easter Cloches made from thrift store glass.

These Easter Cloches are super easy to make and are a darling way to display some cute little decorative eye candy for Easter.  

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