Framed Dried Florals

Looking for a fun Springy decor piece for your home?  Make a Framed Dried Floral Decor Piece with a few simple, easy to find items.  

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When I would receive flowers from a boy as a teen, I was so sentimental and wanted to keep them forever and ever.  After the flowers wilted, I would hang them upside down to dry and then gather them in a vase.  At one point I had quite the collection!  ha!  

Recently I started drying my flowers again, although I usually buy the flowers for myself!  Fresh flowers dry so pretty that I needed a way to display them. 

How to Make Framed Dried Florals


For this project, you will need dried fresh flowers.  

How to dry fresh flowers.  For drying, gather the flowers by the stems.  Use an elastic or tie twine around the stems to hold them together.  Then hang the flower bunch upside down until they are dry.  It takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks, depending on your climate.

Fresh flower stems dried.

Once the flowers are completely dry, the stems are strong and can support the blossoms.  And they are ready to be used in this project.

Empty 16 x 20 inch picture frame.

In my stash, I always have a ton of photo frames.  When thrifting, I am always drawn to the frames and like to keep several on hand.  For this project, I took the backing off the artwork (similar to this) and removed the art and glass leaving just the frame.  I snipped the hanging wire off as well.  

Jute rope to wrap around picture frame.

To make the flower holder on the frame, use Jute twine.  I like to keep a spool of jute in my craft room because it's so handy to use for many different things.  The jute is very strong and has excellent texture.  

Wrap jute twine around picture frame.

About a third of the way down the frame, tie one end of the twine around the frame.  Secure with a dab of hot glue.  Then begin wrapping the twine around the frame about 20-30 times.  Like all of my projects, I kind of eye ball things to my liking.  You can wrap the twine around as much or as little as you prefer.   

Weave flower stems in and out of jute twine.

Lay the flowers out how you would like them to appear in the frame.  Then one at a time, weave each stem in and out of the jute until it is secured.  Repeat with all of the flower stems.

Flowers weaved into twine on a frame.

Once you have weaved all of the flowers through the twine on the frame, trim the straggly ends off of the flowers.  And now you have a pretty way to display pretty flowers!

Frame Dried Floral artwork for Spring.

So go buy yourself some pretty flowers today!  You get to enjoy the fresh flowers now, then you can enjoy them when they are dried too!  
  • hang the wilted flowers upside down to dry 
  • while waiting for them to dry, search for frames at the thrift store
  • and grab some jute twine
  • wrap twine around the frame
  • weave dried stems into the jute
  • hang and enjoy
And that's how simple it is to make a Frame Dried Floral Art Piece for Spring!  

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