DIY Rustic Rag Flag from Fabric

 Looking for a cute and easy project to celebrate America?  Check out this tutorial for a Rustic Torn Fabric [aka Rag] Flag.

Tutorial for Torn Fabric Flag Pinterest Pin.

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Flags are the perfect thing to decorate with for summer!  This Rag Flag is such a fun project that you probably already have the supplies on hand for.  I pulled all of the supplies out of my stash and I'm sure you can do the same.  

The other good part of this project is that it's satisfying and quick.  Satisfying because it's really fun to tear fabric and Quick because it will take less than an hour, start to finish.

How to Make a DIY Rag Flag

Supplies Needed to make a Rag Flag.

As always, the first thing to do is gather your supplies.  You can use any fabric you have on hand.  I had small pieces of red fabric that weren't long enough to make the flag the size I wanted.  So after tearing them into around 1 inch pieces, I tied some of the lengths together. A hint for tearing fabric - cut a small piece with scissors and then hold either side and pull down.

Supplies needed for a Rag Flag

Hot glue fabric strips onto molding.

To Make the Fabric Flag:  Lay red and white fabric strips on a flat surface.  Place molding near the top of the strips, wrap the fabric over the top of the molding and hot glue it on the back.  Alternate red and white strips of fabric.

Torn red and white fabric strips on a rag flag.

I love the way the fabric strips look when they are tied together.  

Blue Fabric Square on rag flag.

Once the entire molding piece is filled with red and white strips of fabric, lay the blue square of fabric on top of the strips and glue it down on the back.  BTW - the blue (with stars) portion of any flag is always displayed on the left side.  

Cover back of flag with white fabric strips.

Once the entire front of the flag is filled with red and white strips and the blue square, fill the back side with all white fabric to fill it all in.  

Hot glue jute twine on each side of molding for hanging.

Hot glue a piece of jute twine on either side of the molding to hang the flag.  Do this by running a stripe of hot glue on the sides of the molding then gently lay the twine on top.  Let the hot glue cool, and then it's ready to hang!

Rag Fabric Flag.

Hang the flag and enjoy it as you celebrate summer and America!  This Rustic Rag Flag is such a fun and easy decoration!  

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