Easy Patriotic Centerpiece for Summer

Do you want something fun yet simple on your table for the Summer?  Try this Easy Centerpiece Made with Baseballs and Flags.

Easy Patriotic Centerpiece with baseballs and flags pinterest pin.

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Well here we are in June!  Can you even believe it?  My son has been out of school for several weeks so we are solidly into summer. 

This summer I wanted a simple yet stylish centerpiece for our table.  Since we use our table every single day, my family would prefer that there not be a centerpiece at all, so I always try to keep my centerpieces very simple to keep them under the radar!  

How to Make a Table Centerpiece with Baseballs and Flags

Stained farmhouse kitchen table.

To do this centerpiece, I first took everything off of our table (see how I stripped and stained this table here)and gave it a good cleaning.  I wipe it down every day after dinner, but it still surprises me the dirt and dust that accumulate.  This cleaner is the one that I have been using lately.  I LOVE the way it smells!

Red Shutter in center of farmhouse table.

The first thing I added as a base for this centerpiece is a wooden shutter that has been painted red.  I found a set of wooden shutters many years ago.  I painted one black and one red and use them all the time.  

Large Glass Vase on red shutter.

The next layer in this centerpiece is a large glass vase.  Glass vases are plentiful at the thrift store, where I got this one.  Here is a source if you don't want to thrift one.  

Baseballs in a large glass vase.

The next thing I did was add a bunch of baseballs to the vase.  I think it would be SO fun to use your kids old baseballs.  My sons only played one season each of baseball before deciding it was not for them.  So these baseballs came from the thrift store.  

Large glass vase with baseballs.

I love how beat up some of these baseballs and soft balls are.  I hope they were well used as they were thrown around the bases, hit by batts and caught in mitts.

Flag and Baseballs Table Centerpiece.

The last thing I added to the centerpiece was American Flags.  I love grabbing a bunch of flags when they come out in stores, tea dying them (post coming soon) and sticking them everywhere in my d├ęcor.  Super inexpensive and fun!  

Farmhouse Dining Table with summer centerpiece.

This Simple Centerpiece of Baseballs and Flags is perfect for Summer on my dining room table!  And best of all, no one in my family has complained about it!   

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