Vintage Ruler Star Display

Here is a fun way to use Folding Rulers to make Stars into a Patriotic Display for Summer.

Vintage Rulers made into stars pinterest pin.

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One of the things I love is taking something and turning it into something else!  That is what I did with a collection of vintage foldable rulers.  Since it is Summer with all things patriotic, I made a little star display with those folding rulers.  

The Vettel Farm on instagram stars.

I saw the cutest wall post by Courtney on The Vettel Farm  on Instagram, do you follow her?  If not, you totally should!  She had the cutest display of vintage rulers folded into stars on her wall.  I was so inspired by it and knew I wanted to do something like that in my home.


How to Make Vintage Folding Rulers into Stars

Foldable Vintage Rulers.

The first thing you need of course is foldable rulers.  If you don't have access to vintage ones, you can buy new ones.  Some of my vintage rulers were missing a few pieces so I used molding and a ruler rubber stamp to add pieces that would make enough points for my stars.  

Vintage folding ruler shaped into star.

To make a star from a folding ruler, start in the center of the ruler and fold it in half to make a point. 

Folding Ruler into a star.

 Then go from there folding both sides to the front and to the back until you have made all 5 points of a star.

5 point star made from a foldable ruler.

These rulers had plenty of parts to make the full star.  I used floral wire to hold the ends together.  

As I said above, if your rulers aren't long enough to make all 5 points, you can use molding.  You will use a rubber stamp that looks like a ruler and use black ink to stamp the image onto molding.  This makes the molding look like more ruler pieces.  Then hot glue them onto the ends of the actual ruler.  I made it sound a little more complicated than the process actually is.  

Vintage Rulers folded into stars hanging from cabinet door.

I took 3 stars and strung them with twine.  I took those 3 stars ad hung them on an old cabinet door.  

If you look super closely at these stars, you may be able to see some of the molding pieces that I added.  But then again, maybe not!  :)  It works really well!

3 foldable rulers made into stars in a display for summer.

I placed the door above the board and batten in my living room.  I love to use architectural elements in my home d├ęcor, like the cupboard door.  The addition of the Vintage Ruler Stars makes a fun and patriotic display for summer.  

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