Mushroom Planter with Faux Plants

If you're looking for a cute planter to make for Late Summer, look no further than this post!  I am going to show you how I made a Mushroom Planter with Faux Plants out of a reclaimed metal cylinder.  

Mushroom Planter for Late Summer Home Decor Pinterest Pin.

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Sometimes at the end of the summer I struggle with how to decorate my house.  July 4th is over but I'm not quite ready to jump into pumpkins and such.  We still summer temps here and it feels just wrong to be thinking of fall when I'm sweating to death.  

Anyway, last week I did Coastal Flags and this week I am doing a Mushroom Planter to decorate for Late Summer.  

How to Make a Mushroom Planter with Faux Plants in the Late Summer

Supplies Needed to make Mushroom planter with faux plants.

Gather Supplies.  For this project I used a thrifted metal cylinder that I had in my stash.  I actually have had it for so long that I almost donated it.  Thank goodness I hung onto it because it is such an interesting container with just the right amount of patina.  

Use scissors to cut floral foam down to size.

Cut Floral Foam to Size of Container.  I like to use floral foam because it is so easy to manage.  You can cut it down to size by scoring it with scissors and breaking it apart.  You can also use a big knife to cut it.  

Floral Foam inside Metal Cylinder.

Another good thing about floral foam is that it squishes so it fit snuggly and stay in place without glue.  I did not do that in this photo as you can tell. You can always dab on a bit of hot glue if you wish.

Spanish Moss covering floral foam in metal cylinder.

Use Spanish Moss to cover the foam.  This stuff  is so messy but it looks so good in a project like this to cover the foam.  Tuck it down the sides so that the green foam isn't visible through the holes of the metal container.  Use hot glue to hold the moss in place.

Use Scissors to poke hole in the foam for greenery.

Poke the Greenery into the Foam.  Snip little pieces of greenery off the stem and place into the floral foam.  If your greenery isn't strong enough to poke the foam, use scissors to make a hole and then place the greenery in the hole.

Thrifted Metal Cylinder with greenery and spanish moss.

Once you have enough greenery, make sure to leave a spot for the mushroom.  Scootch the moss around so you can hot glue the mushroom directly to the foam.

Mushroom in metal cylinder with faux plants.

Glue Mushroom onto Foam.  My mushroom is a salt shaker so I decided to dab a little bit of hot glue in the holes and poke in tiny stems of greenery.  Then I hot glued the mushroom to the planter.

Ceramic red and white mushroom in metal container with greenery.

You can't even see the holes of the shaker now because of the tiny sprigs of greenery.  I love the way it all looks together - the fresh looking greenery with the punch of color from the mushroom.  

Red and White Mushroom in faux greenery planter.

Mixed with the rustic moss and container and this is a super cute addition to your home decor for late summer!

Mushroom Planter with mushroom printable for late summer decorating.

You can get some mushroom printables from Etsy (vintage fall ephemera) and make an entire vignette.  This Mushroom Planter with Faux Plants in a Thrifted Container is a super cute item for Late Summer!