Coastal Fabric Flags - late summer home decor

If you're looking for a fun project to decorate your home for Late Summer, you can make these Coastal Fabric Flags.  

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Now that Independence Day is over, it can be tricky to decorate your home for Summer.  The last couple of years I have done Beach or Coastal home decor and I love it!  The beach is my favorite vacation spot so it's the perfect theme in which to decorate my home.  And it will be perfect for your home too!  

How to Make Coastal Flags from Fabric for Late Summer Home Décor

Supplies needed to make Coastal Fabric Flags.

Gather Supplies to make Coastal Fabric Flags.  You can use fabric scraps because you only need a little bit of fabric.

Supplies Needed to make Coastal Fabric Flags

Cut fabric into 2 x 3 inch rectangle.

Cut coastal fabric into around 2.5 inch by 3.5 inch rectangle with sharp fabric scissors.  Cut a slight V shape into the right side of the fabric.  Distress the edges of the fabric by pulling the threads out one by one.

Hot glue dowel onto fabric.

Run a line of hot glue down the right side of the fabric on the back.  Then place the dowel on top of the glue line.

Roll dowel on the back of the fabric to cover the dowel.

Roll the dowel in the fabric until the dowel is covered.  

Tie ribbons onto the coastal flag.

Tie lace and ribbon onto the dowel at the bottom of the flag.  And then the flags are ready to add to your home decor.  

Anchor flag in sea glass vase.

Place coastal flag into a blue sea glass vase.  BTW- I made the sea glass vase by painting several coats of mod podge tinted with blue food coloring.  This vase took 6 coats of the tinted mod podge with them drying in between.

Coastal map flag in sea glass vase.

These flags are super simple to make so they are easy to add to a coastal vignette.

Coastal Vignette with fabric flags and sailboats.

I added the flags to this vignette with tackle boxes, blue Mason Jar full of shells, diy sailboats, ironstone pitchers with spools, glass bottles and vintage books.  Make DIY Fabric Coastal Flags for your late summer home decor!  

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