Inexpensive Fall Artwork

If you're looking for a way to get for fall artwork, I've got a source for you.  Read on for Inexpensive Fall Artwork that's Cheap and Chic!  

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Have you priced artwork lately?  Sheesh, it's a lot.  And not that the artists don't deserve it because they do.  But it's hard to change things up as often as I like to and have to pay a bunch of money to do so.  

Don't worry, I found a source for inexpensive artwork.  You just pop it in a frame and voila wall art that's cheap and chic.  

How to Make Affordable Autumn Art

Ok, I am letting you in a my big secret.  Maybe it's not super big and maybe a lot of you already know about it, but go with me here.  The secret is . . . 

. . .  Downloadable Printable Art

Did you know that you can buy prints on Etsy, download and print them at home (or at a photo printer) and then frame them?  

Fall Printables from etsy.

These are the prints that I downloaded recently.  They are already formatted in all of the regular photo print sizes.  That way you can either print them on your home printer or send them to be enlarged at a photo store.  

Source for Inexpensive Fall Artwork

Pottery Barn frame from the thrift store.

I just happened to find the perfect frame at the thrift store.  It's funny how if you go thrifting ALL THE TIME you can eventually find the things you need.  

This frame is originally from Pottery Barn and already had the photo mat.  If you can't find the perfect frame at the thrift store because you're a normal person that doesn't go thrifting all the time, you can purchase them new here.  

Painted photo matt.

Although the mat was the perfect size, it had a few imperfections on the front.  No problemo.  I opened the frame, took out the mat and slapped a light coat of paint on.  While the paint was drying, I distressed the frame and cleaned the glass.  Once the paint dried, I put the frame back together and it was good to go!   

Printed downloaded fall artwork.

I printed my art on my home printer on white cardstock in 8 x 10.  At this point you can put it directly into the mat and frame and call it good.  Or you can do the mod podge thing in the next step.  

Paint by Number print with mod podge and frame.

I downloaded this Paint By Number printable from the source listed above.  The frame I wanted to use (also from the thrift store) did not have glass.  So I decided to give the print several coats of mod podge to protect the print.  With a detail brush, I went over several parts of the print (like the deer and the tree trunks) to give them more emphasis.  The mod podge is subtle but adds some dimension to a printable.  

Paint by number printables with mod podge.

I added a few of the Paint By Number prints to my early fall d├ęcor including this Vintage Summer Camp Themed Vignette.  I have never found a true vintage Paint By Number, but I am looking.  And until I do, I will use these printables.  

Fall Printable Framed in thrift store frame.

Printables are the perfect way to have some fun artwork at your house without spending a million dollars.  Then you won't feel bad changing it up with the seasons.  Use Printables to Make Inexpensive Fall Artwork.  

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