Vintage Camp Themed Vignette

Looking for a fun, dare I say campy decor theme for late Summer?  How about a Vintage Camp Themed Vignette.  

Vintage Summer Camp Themed Vignette Pinterest Pin.

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It's the first part of August.  While it's still too early for me to fully decorate for fall, I wanted to bring in some warmer items as I take the first step toward fall.  And I always love incorporating vintage and rustic into my decor so that's how I settled on Vintage Camp Themed Vignette.

How to Style with a Vintage Summer Camp Theme

I searched through a bunch of stuff from my stash.  I gathered colorful thermoses, chippy shutters, some artwork, a wooded riser, and some rusty metal pieces.  I decided on doing the vignette on my green hardware cabinet.  

How to style a vintage camp themed vignette.

I removed everything from this spot.  Clearing out the old so I can bring in the new is always how my vignettes start.  There were some leftover command hooks and velcro, but I just kept them there to use in the next vignette.    

How to build a vintage summer camp themed vignette with shutters.

The first thing I added to the wall is some architectural salvage shutters.  I think they make such a great background that can be built upon.  I especially love these shutters because they are rustic and chippy.

How to style a vintage camp themed vignette starting with shutters.

Next I added some stacked reproduction paint by number prints.  Get cabin print here and deer print here.  I purchased and downloaded these super cute reproduction prints.  I printed them on my home printer on white cardstock.  Then I framed them in some frames I had on hand.  I hung the prints on more command hooks.  I just love those hooks and use them everywhere.

Summer camp vignette with plaid banner, tackle box and thermoses.

I used some of my thermos collection and added a vintage tackle box.  At the top I added a sewn plaid banner.  

How to make a Sewn Plaid Banner

I cut a 5 inch triangle from a scratch piece of paper.  Then I used it as a pattern to cut out double triangles from 3 different plaid fabrics.  I sewed around the edges of the triangles with my sewing machine.  Once all the triangle edges were sewn, I sewed the triangles to white seam binding.  And Voila it makes a banner!  

Camp themed vignette with thermos and paint by number.

I added a vintage wood lamp to the top of the tackle box.  I also added a wooden riser underneath the collection of thermoses.  

Thermos with greenery and sign.

To finish off the vignette I added a few decorative touches like dried greenery in the tallest thermos along with a sign that I made and am offering below.  I put the sign on a plant pick.  

No Hunting free printable.

No Hunting or fishing free printable.

Rustic truck with vintage tin and faux plant.

My favorite touch of the vignette is this cute little rustic truck!  It's so rusty and crusty and charming!!  On the back of the truck I placed a vintage can with a faux plant.  

Vintage Camp Themed Vignette.

This vignette is full of rust and color and charm!  It is reminiscent of summer camp and perfect for late Summer decoration.

Vintage Summer Camp Themed Vignette.

This shows how easy it is to use some things you have on hand in your own collections to create a Vintage Summer Camp Themed Vignette.