Plant Picks - to add flair to your house plants

 If you're looking for a way to add some flair to your houseplants, make Plant Picks!

Plant Picks to add flair to your house plants - Pinterest Pin

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I don't know what it is, but I've totally been into house plants lately.  I've been buying plates, propagating plants ad generally putting plants in just about every room in my house.  

And of course, those house plants need some flair.  Flair = cute decoration that you can stick in the plant pot.  For the Flair I made Fabric Flags, Clothespin Clip Holder Sticks, and Quilted Fabric Picks.

How to Make Plant Picks to add Flair to your House Plants

House Plant Picks - flags

Flag Plant Sticks

Flag Plant Sticks are the best!  They can be made for any holiday and add a fun decor touch to any plant.  To make Flag Plant Sticks, you need a few supplies:

easy to make DIY Flag sticks to decorate plants

Flag plant sticks - glue foam in between scraps of fabric

Foam is the perfect thing to help keep the flags shape.  Cut a piece of fun foam into 2.5 inch by 4 inch pieces.  I scored the foam first with my paper cutter, then cut it with scissors.  To get the fabric to stick to the foam, dab tacky glue all over the foam and smooth the fabric with your fingers.  Then turn it over and do the same thing on the other side. 

Flag to place in plant made from foam and fabric

Once the glue has dried leaving the foam covered with fabric, trim the edges so the fabric fits very closely to the foam.  Cut  V out of the end of one side. 

Plant Flag made from fabric on a dowel

To attach the flag to the dowel, run a dab of hot glue down the straight side of the flag and place the dowel onto the glue.  Once the glue dries, it will hold and stand up!  You can tie some ribbons around the dowel, or leave it as is.  

Fabric Flag plant flair - St Patrick's Day Flags

In my St Patrick's Day table setting, I put together flags, similar to the Flag Plant Sticks above.  

Plant Clip Holder Sticks

Plant Clip Holder Sticks are just what the title suggests- sticks that have a clip on the end to hold a photo or any other decorative item.  

Plant Clip Holders - make holders from clothes pins and skewers

To make Plant Clips Holders you'll need:
and that's it!

The first time I made clip holders, I had run out of dowels, so I grabbed some wooden skewers from my kitchen.  I simply applied hot glue to the side of the clothespin and stuck it onto the top of the skewer. They are the perfect thing to hold a photo or a flashcard or any other paper item.

Plant Clips made from clothespins and skewers

I also used these plant clips for the graduation party we threw for my son.  They were perfect to hold photos for the table centerpieces.  

Quilted Fabric Picks

quilted fabric plant picks- quilted heart pick in zz plant

I made Quilted Fabric Picks, similar to these Christmas trees, from quilted fabric and dowels.  I cut hearts out of the fabric, sewed around the edges, stuffed them with poly fil and glued it onto a dowel.  

Plant Flair - pinterest pin

Plant Picks are the perfect thing to add some FLAIR to your house plants.  Use these instructions to whip some up today!