Come Follow Me Free Printable 1 and 2 Peter

Use this Free Printable to Study the Come Follow Me Bible Study Lesson for 1 and 2 Peter.  

Come Follow Me for 1 and 2 Peter pinterest pin.

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It's Thanksgiving week.  And that means traveling, food, family, shopping and all of the fun things associated with this holiday.  If you're not careful, you can completely forget to study your scriptures.  But all you need to do is use this Come Follow Me Printable to get your scripture study in... in between bites of pumpkin pie!     

What is Come Follow Me?  

Come Follow Me is a beautiful program from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to help everyone become closer to Jesus Christ by studying the scriptures. It is suggested to read and study daily because, as it says in the manual, "the kind of gospel learning that strengthens our faith and leads to the miracle of conversion doesn’t happen all at once. It extends beyond a classroom into our hearts and homes. It requires consistent, daily efforts to understand and live the gospel. Gospel learning that leads to true conversion requires the influence of the Holy Ghost."

The books of scripture are rotated each year.  In 2023 we have been studying the New Testament in the Bible.  This deep dive into the New Testament has strengthened my testimony of my Savior more than ever.  I love reading the suggested passages and pondering the thoughts and questions posed in each section.

Come Follow Me Bible Study Printable

Each week I make a printable based on the weekly lesson.  The lesson is already wonderful and does not need to be improved upon.  I use the information on a printable to make it easy to read, hand on the fridge and study.  

Come Follow Me 1 and 2 Peter

Come Follow Me printable with photo.

Come Follow Me Printable without photo.

How to Save and Print the Come Follow Me Printable

  • Right click on one of the images above.  When the menu pop up, click Save Image As and assign it a place to save on your computer.  I organize my photos by year, by month and then by subject.  I keep a "Come Follow Me" folder in each month of photos on my computer.  
  • Print out the printable on printer paper.  This is the printer I use.  
  • Hang it somewhere in your house that your family can see often.  I hang mine on our fridge, right above the water dispenser.  
  • This is the most important one - Feel good that you've made an effort to do Come Follow Me for the week!  :)

Come Follow Me Printed out with leaves.

I have a testimony of the Come Follow Me program.  It has helped me to study the scriptures and learn about my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ more than ever.  I am thankful for the opportunity to use Come Follow Me to make it simple.  Use this Free Printable to help you and your family study Come Follow Me.  

Other Come Follow Me Resources

I use a lot of other resources in my personal Come Follow Me study.  
  • the Don't Miss This podcast and videos 
  • the podcast called One Minute Scripture Study
  • Come Follow Me 365 on Instagram (I also follow B of M 365).  I especially love to read the comments because it's like a really good Sunday School lesson with lots of participation.  
  • Come Follow Me Study on Instagram.  On the this account, Calli does a big picture Monday video that I just love!  She gives the main stories of this week's lesson so we can focus on the gospel messages instead of spend our scripture study trying to figure out what's going on.     

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