Vintage Garden Decor Ideas for Decorating

It is that wonderful time of year where we are all spending time in our gardens or at least thinking about spending time in our gardens.  To celebrate this, I made a little vignette in my living room with Vintage Garden Decorating Ideas.

Vintage Garden Decor Decorating Ideas Pinterest Pin.

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While I haven't started my garden planting yet (we just had a frost warning last night) I have done a little garden clean up and a lot of garden thinking.  Since I'm not doing much actual gardening yet, to get myself primed, I did a garden display in my living room.

Garden Vignette inside front door of home.

I couldn't find an exact match for our front door rug, but this one is similar

This little spot is right inside the front door which opens up to our living room.  The table is an old Nashville Flea Market find.  On the bottom shelf of the table, I keep a basket of throw blankets.  I like to keep blankets available even when it's warm because blankets = cozy!  

Gardening indoor decorating Ideas.

I started this spot with a set of chippy white shutters sitting on the table and leaning up against the wall.  In front of the shutters, I layered a metal garden gate that I found thrifting.   

Gardening Decorating Ideas with garden Center sign.

Above the vignette I placed a wooden fence picket on the wall.  The fence picket had really chippy paint that looks awesome but isn't so great inside.  So I gave it several thick coats of water based top coat.  On top of the shutters I placed a sign I handmade.  

How to Make a Handmade Sign:  Paint a think piece of plywood off white and let it dry.  With pencil, freehand draw words onto sign.  Fill in the letters with green and black craft paint.  Paint around the edges with green paint.  Water down some brown craft paint and drop it onto the sign to age it.  Once all of the paint is dry, sand the sign down and finish the sign with a topcoat.   

Vintage Wood Tool Box with clay pots.

I placed an old wooden tool tote (found at an estate sale) on it's side and then tucked small weathered clay pots in the openings.  

Plaster Head vases with faux plants.

On top of the tool box, I placed 2 plaster head vases with faux plants spilling out.  These little cuties are new.  I usually only buy thrifted stuff but these head vases practically jumped into my cart.  

Pothos plant with diy dowel trellis.

I used some small wooden dowels tied with jute twine to make a diy trellis.  I placed it into my pothos plant and then wound the strands round the trellis.  

Pothos plant on small green chair in gardening vignette.

I placed the cute pothos plant with the DIY trellis on top of a mini child's chair.  When I put together vignettes I like to place items at various heights and levels to add visual interest.  This little chair found at a local sale, is the perfect this for that and it is so darn cute too!  

Gardening Decorating look inside.

I love the way this little spot turned out.  And it makes me super excited to get outside into my garden. Putting together a Vintage Garden Decor Vgnette has made me really excited for gardening season!