Horse Display for Derby season

If you are looking for inspiration for decorating with horse themed items in celebration of Kentucky Derby season, you are in the perfect place.  This post will go over everything that I used in my Horse Display with Vintage Items.  

Horse Display with Vintage Items Pinterest Pin.

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This season I have been obsessed with horses.  I have shirts, figurines and even dedicated a display spot in my house dedicated to Horses.  I am in my horse era.  I don't actually want to ride one or see one up close - they kinda scare me.  I'm happy to just look at the effigy's.    

Since I am so obsessed and I found some cute vintage horse items, I decided to do a Horse Display in my living room.

Horse Display with Vintage Items

Horse display with vintage items in white cupboard.

I started with one of my favorite places to decorate.  This step back cupboard is one piece in my house that has been painted and decorated a ton.  

Vintage horse photo with horse ribbons.

The idea for this display started with this horse photo and horse ribbons I got at a local antique store.  I think they are from the 1960's.  I love them both so much and designed the entire display around them.  Look at how cute that horse is as he trots in the arena!  Love!

Horse trophy and horse artwork.

I also recently found this horse trophy from 1973.  I just love the wood base, the horse statue on top and the year.  So cute!  It is stacked on a couple of vintage horse books.  I rounded out the spot with a cute horse print I found at Hobby Lobby.  It's not vintage, but it has the vintage look.  Don't sleep on Hobby Lobby, they have some really cute, inexpensive pieces!  

Horse artwork and rusty horse shoes in a grain measure.

I put my Horse Silhouette Artwork inside a vintage grain measure along with 2 rusty horse shoes.  I found the horse shoes at an antique store in Kentucky.  They were super dirty and rusty, so I sprayed them with matte finish spray to seal the rust.  

Metal Trophy, flour sifter and cash register numbers.

In one corner I placed a vintage metal trophy cup, a larger reproduction trophy, a vintage flour sifter with faux greenery and cash register numbers.  Underneath the trophies, you can see the Horse Statue I made from a toy.   

Wooden cubby full of horse figurines.

I placed a wooden cubby on the bottom shelf and filled the spots with horse figurines and book page shred.  I cannot resist picking up little horse statues when I see them at the thrift or antique store.  

Horse Display with vintage finds.

I love the woods, aged pieces, textures and neutral colors in this display.

Horse Display in step back cupboard.

You'd be surprised at how often I look at this Horse Display.  It makes me so happy to see all of the horses and rusty, crusty things.  It's really all of my favorite stuff right now!  Who knows, maybe I'll start watching the Kentucky Derby or other horse races too.