Wall Mounted Light Saber Holder

How many times have you stepped on or tripped over your kids toys?  While I don't have a solution for all of the toy mess, I do have a solution to get some off the floor.  I am going to show you how to make a Wall Mounted Light Saber Holder.

Light Saber Holder Pinterest Pin.

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Happy Star Wars Day!  You know May the 4th?  haha.  That joke never gets old!

As you probably know, if you have boys that are into Star Wars, then you have lightsabers.  And there just isn't an easy way to store them since they are bulky and awkwardly shaped.  My sons have been into lightsabers since they were little boys and it seems like I've been tripping over those sabers about that long.  So I set out to find a solution for storage and I have come up with a Wall Mounted Light Saber Holder.  

How to Make a Wall Mounted Light Saber Holder

Light Saber holder on the wall.

As always, the first step in a DIY project is to gather supplies.  

Supplies for light saber holder, painted wood.

Paint and Seal the Wood.  I used a 1 x 4 piece of wood that is about 24 inches long.  I painted it using black chalk paint.  Then I lightly sanded the wood to smooth the paint and slightly distress it.  Once I wiped the paint dust off, I gave the wood a coat of clear topcoat to seal the piece.

Metal Utility Hooks to hold lightsabers on a piece of wood.

Use Metal Utility Hooks.  I used metal utility hooks to the wood with wood screws.  I like these hooks because they are light weight and can be slightly bent to hold the odd shaped light sabers.

Attaching metal utility hooks to wood to hold light sabers.

Attach Hooks to Painted Wood.  Pre drill holes into the wood so it doesn't split.  Sometimes the hooks come with screws so if they do, use those to attach the hooks to the wood.  Otherwise you can use any wood screws.  

Attach light saber holder to the wall with wood screws.

Hang Holder on the Wall.  I predrilled holes in 3-4 places in the center of the wood.  Then I screwed the holder into the wall with wood screws.  You should probably screw into a stud or anchor the holder with dry wall anchors.   

Wood Holder for Light Sabers.

Place Light Sabers on the Hooks.  Slightly bend out the hooks to fit each of the lightsabers.  Some of our lightsabers didn't close all the way so I was careful to hang the smaller ones around the long ones.  

Lightsaber Holder on the wall.

Enjoy.  Once all of the light sabers are hanging on the wall, stand back and admire your work!  This is an easy, basic wood working project that is great for beginners.  And it solves the problem of getting toys off the floor.  You can easily build a Wall Mounted Light Saber Holder today!