April End of the Month Recap

It's the end of the month and time for a recap.  This is a month end rundown of blogposts, personal happenings and my favorite products of April!

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Another month has come and gone.  It's so bonkers how quickly this year has gone.  Some days go by really slowly, but collectively the months have gone by so quickly!  I am already here doing another monthly recap.

In 2024 I am doing a monthly recap on my blog to try to stop the blur of how quickly life goes.  I will be recapping blog posts, my favorite things of the month and some of the things we did.  

April End of the Month Recap

April involved some family time, lots of booth work, trying to survive standardized school testing, youth activities, getting my daughter ready for her mission and more blogging than last month (woo hoo).

Mule Days in Columbia, TN with family.

We took our kids to Mule Days in Columbia TN for forced family fun!  You can imagine how much our teenage son enjoyed it.  Haha!  We ate at Pucketts, which is a delicious southern restaurant that you should definitely try out if you ever come to Nashville.  Then we drove the park and watched the mule days festivities.  It was a little fair with actual mules and we loved it.  

Watching General Conference at home.

We watched General Conference at our house.  We snuggled in our pajamas on our comfy couch in fluffy blankets.  We ate snacks and journaled and talked about our favorite parts.  It was awesome!  I love being spiritually fed by the leaders of the church while at home.  What an awesome reset every 6 months.

Yard Work in the front yard.

It's getting warm outside so that means it's time to do the yard work.  Last year during a big freeze, the boxwoods that used to reside in this garden were damaged, half dead and looked awful.  I dug them out on a whim a few months ago, which left gaping holes in my front garden.  Before replanting I decided to try to curb some of the weed issues. I moved all of the border rocks, laid weed mat, put in edging, replaced the rock border in a straightened line.  I planted jasmine, lavender, and several other perennials and then mulched the whole thing.  It took all day and all of my energy but it's done.  I can't wait for the plants to grow and fill in.

Time Mcgraw concert in Nashville.


I had the opportunity to go to the Tim McGraw concert with some friends of mine.  He brought out the Stanley Cup while he sang "I Like It, I Love It", the song that plays when our local hockey team scores a goal. It was a really good concert and almost worth it to stay up way past my bedtime.  

April Favorite Products

I actually didn't buy too much stuff this month.  I knew I was closing one of my booths at the end of April so I kept my spending to a minimum.  

Our nephew turned 9 in April and we got him this Basketball Hoop.  Apparently it was a big hit with him!  My sons had a similar hoop when they were younger and it still hangs on our door upstairs.  

We finished our 2023 taxes, just in the nick of time.  We've always had a tax lady, but she retired so my husband took it upon himself to do our taxes.  My business paperwork was a big fat mess and took forever to get together.  For 2024 I got this Accordion File to keep everything together.  I think it's going to help!  

Rolling stool for garage.

I did get a Sliding Stool to help with my furniture painting and other projects.  It has been super helpful and frankly fun to slide around my garage as I paint and work on things in my garage.  

April Blog Posts

I have lots of blogging ideas but in past months I had a hard time putting those ideas into practice.  I have an editorial calendar in the notes on my phone so it keeps the blog ideas fresh in my mind.  This month I made up my mind and made it a priority to blog and in April I did.  

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I hope April was great for you and I hope you are looking forward to May.  I sure am.  Some of the things I'm looking forward to are my daughter going on her mission, my older son and his wife visiting, the end of the school year, and taking Lizzie on lots of walks.   I'll see ya next month and we'll recap May!