16 Ways To Get Out of a Funk

If you're feeling down, grumpy, ornery and just off - you are probably tired of feeling that way and want to find ways to feel better.  So if that is the case, then you've come to the right place.  I am going to share 16 ways to Get Out of A Funk!  

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This year we have had our share of difficulties and trials.  We started the year off by having our car stolen out of our driveway.  It was such a bummer and was a catalyst for a whole chain of events that were quite draining.  We've also had a bunch of issues with our other cars along with some health issues, which has made 2024 ... a challenging and growing time for me and my whole family.  Life is just hard sometimes because trials and difficulties are a part of the human experience.  Even though I know this, I have been really having a hard time and it is only recently that I have been feeling better.  

Nothing major has changed, even though thankfully our cars are now fixed and everyone seems to be in pretty decent health.  #blessings  What has really made the difference are a bunch of little things.  

16 Little Things to Help You Get Out of a Funk

The secret to life is being intentional with the little things you do every day.  Mel Robins says, "The little things are everything."  This list is a bunch of little things that can help you get out of a funk.  

  • Clean something
  • Get a full 8 hours of sleep (or more)
  • Drink more water.  
  • Eat a nutritious meal
  • Journal
  • Go for a walk
  • Call a trusted friend
  • Do a Project
  • Buy yourself something nice
  • Serve someone  
  • Groom yourself
  • Read a Book
  • Take a nap
  • Turn on music and dance
  • Count your blessings
  • Pray

Clean Something.  Life is messy and that can make your mind messy.  When my mind is messy I cannot think straight.  So a good thing to do is clean a mess, any mess, up.  Look around your house - no matter how clean and organized you are, there is always something that can be cleaned.  If I am in a funk, my first line of defense is cleaning something in my house.  When you are feeling mentally messy, clean out a drawer or cupboard.  Getting something in your space clean frees up space in your brain.  I'm not sure that's scientifically sound, but I swear that it works!  

Get a full 8 hours of sleep.  When your mind is in turmoil, you need to rest.  Sleeping for 8 hours makes a huge difference.  According to the NIH, sleep is as important for good health as diet and exercise.  Good sleep improves your brain performance, mood and health.  Follow healthy and consistent sleep habits to improve your quality of life. I know that I am able to handle things in life SO much better if I am sleeping well.

Drink more water from a checkered cup.

Drink More Water.  If you feel bad, you probably need to drink more water.  When I complained about anything when I was younger, my mom used to tell me to drink more water.  Actually she still tells me that and I tell my kids too.  Drinking water is essential to our health.  It's very easy to do but that also makes it easy to overlook.  I wish drinking more Diet Coke was the magic fix, but alas it's drink more water.  I find that I drink more water when I am using a cute cup.   

Eat Nutritious Meals.  Eating good food makes a huge difference.  According to this research, when you stick to a diet of nutrient-rich foods, you’re setting yourself up for fewer mood swings and an improved ability to focus. Studies have even found that clean diets consisting of mainly whole, unprocessed foods, can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety.  When I am in a funk, I find that the days leading up to it, I have not been eating very well.  Funk = time to improve my eating habits.

Journal.  Journaling, or the simple act of writing things down helps you process your emotions and learn more about yourself.  Studies have shown that a journaling practice can significantly lower symptoms of depression and anxiety.   Get more info here.  I have been a big proponent of journaling all of my life.  I have always had big feelings and journaling helps me to get them in perspective.  The act of moving things from your brain to paper, opens you up to perspective, and new ways of looking at things.  It also helps you find new, creative solutions for the things that are bothering you.  

Go for a walk with a dog.

Go for a Walk.  Get outside.  Get some fresh air.  Move your body.  All of those things have a way of improving your mind and your mental health.  It's even better if you can take your cute doggo for a walk.  

Call a Trusted Friend.  Sometimes you need to vent and get your feelings out.  And you need someone to validate you and how you are feeling.  Having someone in your corner makes a big difference when you're in a funk.  

Buy Yourself Something Nice.  Have you ever heard of retail therapy?  It's a real thing.  When there is nothing else you can do to feel better, just leave your problems for a minute and do some shopping.  I recently bought some of these shoes that I'm pretty excited about.  Retail therapy is somethings to be used carefully or you could find yourself ignoring one set of problems by shopping and creating a bunch of other financial problems. 

Paint furniture white.

Do a Project.  This one to me is similar to cleaning something.  The act of moving my body in some way while my brain is in turmoil is very therapeutic.  It gives an outlet to the energy and helps me get things done which helps me feel accomplished.  I love to paint furniture, do crafts, and do DIY projects.  

Serve someone.  When you are struggling, a sure fire way of helping yourself is to serve someone else.  No matter what you have going on, there is always someone who has it worse.  Serving others helps us to stop thinking as much about ourselves, our trials and hardships when we use that energy to help someone else.  

Groom yourself.  Have you found that when you're feeling rotten, you don't put much effort into your appearance?  Maybe you don't shower, washer your hair or even change out of your pajamas.  No wonder you don't feel good.  Even if it takes monumental effort, grooming yourself helps you to feel better.   

Read a Book.  Sometimes you just need an escape from what's going on in your life, so grab a book and read a little.  I love reading books that make me laugh, like the Stephanie Plum series.  Another thing you can do is read a book in a different genre that you're used to.  If you normally read self help, read fiction.  If you normally read the fluffy stuff, which I do recommend btw, read an autobiography or a book to learn something new.   

Take a nap in a comfortable bedroom.

Take a Nap.  When you are feeling rotten and everything else isn't working, take a nap.  Almost everything will work better if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you.  quote by Anne Lumott.  Having a nice, comfortable room helps too.  

Turn on music and dance.  I keep a playlist in my phone full of music that pumps me up.  When I am bummed out, I turn on that music and dance and sing.  Meredith Grey on Greys Anatomy does a thing called Dance it Out.  When life gets hard, they put on music and dance!  Try it.  I bet it will help you to feel better.  

Count your blessings. This can also be called practicing gratitude.  Our minds are trained to look for things that are wrong so we can fix them.  Sometimes those things cannot be easily fixed though.  So have to be intentional about looking for the good in our lives.  Even if you aren't in a funk, this is a good one to practice daily!

Pray.  Last but certainly not least is pray.  This is my first line of defense against being in a funk.  But I put it last on this list because it's also the last thing I do every day.  God wants to hear from us and help us with everything that is going on in our lives.  He has a plan for each of us.  And he will use the hard things to our benefit.  

16 ways to improve your mood printable.

These 16 Ways to Improve Your Mood are the things that have helped me, help myself to feel better when I have been in a funk.  Try them the next time you are down and I bet it will help you too!