March End of the Month Recap

It's the end of the month and time for a recap.  This is a month end rundown of blogposts, personal happenings and my favorite products of March!

End of the month and recap of March pinterest pin.

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I swear it was just yesterday that I did the February recap.  I CANNOT believe that it's already April and I am doing the March recap!  

This year I am going to do a monthly recap on my blog to try to stop the blur a little bit!  I will be recapping blog posts, my favorite things of the month and some of the things we did.  

March Recap

Family at high school swim banquet.

We celebrated my son's swim year at the end of year banquet.  He received awards for his 4.0 gpa and for being so flexible in the events he swam.  

St Patrick's day family celebration.

Even though we no longer have small children in our family, I still like to do little celebrations.  For St Patrick's Day, I always place leprechaun coins on our stairs leading to our table with green prizes.  Everyone got green treats, bracelets and socks to wear for the day.  

Teen boy and mom in car with glasses.

My youngest son has been having issues with his eyes, so he joined the glasses club!  Because all of the cool kids have bad eyesight wear glasses!  

Young Adult woman reading her mission call.

My daughter received her mission call for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She will be serving in Layton, Utah starting in May.  She is very excited to teach the people of Layton about Jesus Christ.  

Holy Week walk inside lds church.

I serve in the Young Women program in our church.  We were in charge of the Easter activity this year.  We did a Holy Week Walk.  We set up rooms around the church showing the various days of Holy Week and what happened on those days.  It was a ton of work for the 3 of us to do, but it was worth it.  All of the people that came loved doing the walk.  It didn't hurt that we also served lunch and had an Easter Egg Hunt as well.  

March Favorite Products

Sweetart jelly beans for Easter.

Since it was Easter, I stocked up on Sweetart Jelly Beans.  I seriously love them and ate so many of them.  I was able to find 2 extra bags on the end of season clearance so I need to ration them!  

Easter Baskets for teens.

Even though my kids are teens and young adults, I still love the fill Easter baskets for them!  This year they had Lego car and flowers, M and M tubes, cotton candy, finger shooters, and kites.  I also got myself this cute little tote for Easter.  


March Blog Posts

March was another month that was all about survival.  I spent a lot of time working on my booths as well as my other job of being a personal assistant.  Add those things along with my busy YW calling and that all led to no other blog posts other than my weekly Come Follow Me printables.  I still have an editorial calendar full of blog post ideas so I am still hoping to do 2-3 blog posts a week in the upcoming months!  Fingers crossed.  

March Come Follow Me Printables.

I hope you had an awesome March and if not, I hope you are looking forward to April.  I have lots of goals to do more projects and blog posts, watch General Conference, and do a bunch of thrifting!  I'll see ya next month and we'll recap April!