Minute to Win it games for Teens

Looking for party game ideas?  Minute to Win it Party Games are a total blast to play at any party for any age group!  

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My teen son was not interested in having a 15th birthday party.  It's a tough age!  But I gently coaxed him into a small gathering at our church to play Minute to Win it Games. 

minute to win it games for parties

Things to keep in mind when planning Minute to Win It Party Games

  • Do as much prep work as possible before the party.  I compiled several game ideas and gathered all of the supplies into separate bags.
  • Make a master list of all of the games including supplies and rules for the person running hte games and each helper.

  • Host the party in a large space.  We used the gym of our church
  • Give yourself plenty of space to prepare the games.  I had a table to the side of the playing area that held all of the bags for each game, in order.
  • Keep a trash can and a basket near by.  You can throw away the trash and put the reusable items in a basket - for quick clean up between each game.
  • The games go quickly so the more prepared you are the more smooth it will go.
  • Start with a get to know you game.  If you invite people that don't know each other very well it's fun to start with an ice breaker game like this M and M game.
  • Split into teams.  I purchased a bunch of rubber bracelets in different colors. As each person chose a bracelet, the colors randomly split them up into teams.

Minute to Win it games for party - cookie move

Minute to Win It Games

Cookie Move
- a game for everyone
Each person puts an oreo on their forehead and has to move the cookie to their mouth without using their hands.

Starburst Stack
-2 people each team
1 person puts a popsicle stick in their mouth.  The other person stacks as many starbursts as possible onto the end.  Must be held for 3 seconds.

Minute to Win it games for party - sticky note stick

Sticky Note Stick
-3 people of each time (all of the same sex)
Put as many sticky notes onto a person as possible.

Minute to Win it games for party - balloon up

Balloon Up
-2 people each team
Keep 4-5 blown up balloons, per team, in the air without touching the ground.

Marshmallow Toss
-2 people each team
1 person has to throw mini marshmallows one at a time to their teammate who is standing about 4 feet away.  The catcher has to catch them in an empty paper cup.   

Minute to Win it games for party - skittle sort

Skittle Sort
-1 player from each team
Sort a pile of about 75 skittles into the corresponding colored cups with one hand.

Plate Race
-1 person each team
Move from 1 side of the gym to the other only stepping on 2 paper plates.

The idea was for them to start on 1 plate and step to the other.  Then pick up the last plate, put it in front of them and step to it. Repeat.  Of course these were teen boys so they stood on both plates and skated across the gym.  They all laughed their heads off so it was all good!

Minute to Win it games for party - tissue toss

Tissue Toss
-1 player each team
Using one hand, tear the tissues out of the boxes ONE AT A TIME, as quickly as possible.

Again, these are teens, so they reached into the boxes and grabbed as many as possible. Cheaters!  :)

Minute to Win it games for party - noodle pick up

Noodle Pick Up
-1 person each team
The person holds a spaghetti noodle in their mouth and tries to pick up as many ziti noodles as possible, without using their hands.

Minute to Win it games for party - eat it up with fruit by the foot

Eat it Up
-1 people each team
Place the end of an unwrapped Fruit by the Foot into each players mouth.  The object of the game is for the players to eat it as quickly as possible without using their hands.

Donut on a String
-2 people each team
One person laid on the floor while their teammate held a string with a donut tied to the end, above them.  The player on the ground had to eat the dangling donut without using their hands.  Then they switched places and the other player ate a donut as well. This was a favorite activity of everyone!

Minute to Win it games for party - blow it over balloons and cups

Blow It Over
-1 person each team
Each person blows up a balloon and uses it to blow 10 cups off of the table.  Whoever knocks all of their cups off of the table wins.

Suck It Up
-1 person each team
Each player had to move 10 skittles from one plate to the other by sucking them individually with a straw

Minute to Win it games for party - tear it up - shoot rubber bands at toilet paper to tear it

Tear It Up
-1 person each team
Each player had to stand behind a table filled with rubber bands and shoot them at toilet paper and get it to break.  The rolls of TP were on a dowel that was balanced on 2 chairs.  I taped the dowel to keep it from rolling off the chairs.  The toilet paper was tied to 2 empty soda cans for weight.  This was another favorite activity that they did over and over.

Minute to Win it games for party - pudding put down - suck pudding through a straw

Pudding Put Down
-a game for everyone
Players had to suck an entire cup of pudding only using a straw.  It was very hard and multiple straws did not help.  But it was really funny to watch!!

These games were so much fun!  My 8 year old got to participate, so they are good for all ages.  Minute To Win It games are perfect to do for a birthday party or anytime!