St Patrick's Day round up

It's March 1, the start of a new month with lots of celebrating!
Here are some cute St. Patrick's Day celebration ideas!

Even though my kids are getting older, they still love this tradition we do.  
A leprechaun leaves coins leading our kids to the kitchen table where a green fest awaits.
We usually have some sort of green breakfast (Hello Lucky Charms) and get new shirts and necklaces. Simple but lots of fun!

I also scoured the internet for some other easy and simple ideas.  
Check them out!
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Cute St Patrick's Day party ideas from Tom Kat studio

Cute free printables from How Does She

These little clover pots are adorable place card holders for a table.

There are free printables on this link.

Simple and Meaningful St. Patrick's Day art

Happy St. Patrick's Day!