DIY decorative candle tutorial

Hello y'all!
I'm a Utahn, who lives in the south, and I've totally picked up this southern term.  
Anyway- today I'm sharing a tutorial for decorative candles.

The supplies I used are:
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plain white candles
tissue paper (I used gold polka dots, but any tissue paper would work)
wax paper

I cut a strip of tissue paper down to a strip.

It was exactly the width of the candle and slightly smaller than the length.

Then I wrapped a piece of waxed paper around the candle,
and heated the candle little by little.
The candle melted a little bit and absorbed the tissue paper.

Then I peeled the tissue paper off.

It looked like the candle originally came as polka dotted.  Like magic!!

I popped the candles onto some mis-matched candle sticks.

I love the way they look!

I had some tissue paper that I printed from another project and made it into another candle. 
I love it so much!
I'm not done making candles yet- I'm going to keep making them!!
They are so simple, so fun and easily customizable to any pattern or design!