How to throw a Summer Beach Party for a large group

Looking for one more party before school starts?  Throw a Summer Beach Party!

How to throw a Summer Beach Party - Indoor ideas for a large group, ward party

I am a brand ambassador for Oriental Trading Company.  They sent me products, in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

I just put together a big party for my church congregation or ward.  We had a Summer Beach Party Breakfast.  I was able to get a lot of my decorations at Oriental Trading.

colorful tablecloths, flamingos, beach balls, round tables

I think everyone had a fantastic time!  We used the church's round tables with circular multi color table cloths.

For table centerpieces, I used sand buckets with pinwheels and sunglasses.

I also used flamingos in buckets.  These flamingos are my favorite!!

I loved all of the bright, mismatched colors all around!!  We served pancakes and syrup along with lots of breakfasty side dishes.  It was a great theme and a fun opportunity to get together in the morning instead of our usual evening party.

When everyone arrived, the food was set along these 3 tables.

I used sand buckets to hold silverware and napkins.  Don't worry, I washed and sanitized them beforehand!  :)

inflatable palm tree cooler, cooler for water bottles, palm tree

I think my favorite part of the entire party was this inflatable palm tree cooler.  It held about 3 cases of water and ice, no problem.  And it's so dang cute!!

We put the tables down the center of the gym, so the outside of the gym was open for activities and games.  The games and activities were a huge hit!  The adults were able to sit at the tables and eat their pancake breakfast and the kids could walk around the gym playing games.

Art Project

I found scratch ornaments in a tropical them.  The kids (and adults too) loved scratching off the black paint to reveal bright colors underneath.

Tic Tac Toe

I used blue painters tape to make a tic tac toe board directly on the floor.  Then I sewed some pink and green bean bags (from dollar store wash cloths) to use as markers.

tic tac toe, bean bags

Flamingo Ring Toss

I used a large flamingo in a pot (with dirt and a brick for weight inside) and glow necklaces.

flamingo ring toss, flamingo, glow necklaces

Cereal Necklace

There was a cereal necklace station to string fruit loops on yarn. This takes me back to when I was a kid.

cereal necklace, fruit loops, yarn, necklace

Bean Bag Toss

For this, the objective was to toss a bean bag onto the flamingos on the beach towel.  Simple and easy for all ages.


I got the limbo stick at a party store several years ago.  It kept falling apart so I had to tape it together, but it was super fun for everyone.

limbo, limbo stick

Beach Ball Bowling

I filled empty water bottles with blue food color tinted water.  I hot glued the bottles shut, just so there wouldn't be any accidents.  Then a beach ball was rolled down the "alley" to knock the pins down.  I used swim noodles on the side to keep the ball in the area.

Hula Hoop

The hula hoops were lots of fun too!!  I bought inexpensive hula hoops at the dollar store and let the kids go crazy with them.  Even the adults got into it a bit.  

Photo Booth

I think the most popular area was the photo booth.  I bought a bunch of inflatables, tubes, water wings, googles, sunglasses from the dollar store for a variety of photo props and included a selfie stick.

photo booth, inflatables, swim toys, googles, selfie stick

This Summer Beach Bash was a total success and everyone had a great time!